Functional Testing Training

Functional Testing Training

Functional Testing Training Introduction:

Functional Testing Training at Global Online Trainings- Verifying the external behavior of the application is said to be as Functional Testing. Whereas, non-functional testing includes checking the speed and performance of the application. The detailed knowledge regarding Functional Testing Training is provided during the Functional Testing Training by well experienced Trainers. There are many testing techniques used in various platforms. Global Online Trainings offers Functional Software Testing Online Course with practical examples.

It includes many examples regarding different applications based on the situation. There includes many techniques to test functionality of the application. For example Boundary Value Analysis, database testing and many other techniques. All these can be explained during the Functional Testing Course. For more details regarding the course contact our help desk. We provide 24/7 support.

About BVA:

Under Boundary Value analysis, we can verify the boundaries. Where; boundary means the limitations, like character limitation. This is also said to be as Smoke Testing. All this can be explained during the Functional Testing Training with real time examples.  

Mode of Training: Functional Testing Online training/ Functional Testing corporate training/ Functional Testing Virtual Web training.

Duration of Program: Can be optimized as per required (30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Functional Testing online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Functional Software Testing Training Course Content

Functional Software Testing Training Course Content

Overview of Functional Testing Training:

The information regarding Functional Software Testing can be known with clear idea during

  • Functional testing looks at an application’s capacity to implement.
  • Functional tests include Unit tests, Integration tests, Smoke tests, Regression tests, user acceptance tests etc.,
  • Functional testing in software development is used for software testing process and to make sure that it obeys all requirements.
  • Functional Testing is used for checking software to identify whether all its functional requirements that are mentioned are satisfied or not.
  • Functional Testing Training is helpful to verify whether the given software provides the best output which is expected by the end-users or any business.
  • This testing also involves calculating and comparing each and every software function with the business requirements.
  • Software is tested in some cases by giving some necessary input, so that we can observe the output to know that whether the software is same or not when compared with its base requirements.
  • Functional testing also checks the particular software for its usability; to know whether the navigational functions are working accordingly or not.
  • With the rapid growth in technology and customer requirements becoming domain-focused, Functional Testing demands strong domain capability to test the business process with reduced risk to production.
About the Testing Techniques in Functional Software Testing Online Training:

There are many testing techniques which have great demand in the market. There includes Functional Testing and also non-functional Testing. Let us have a basic idea regarding Functional Training at Global Online Trainings by experts.

  • Functional Testing is a Test Type technique. Functional testing is a part of System Testing and also a part of unit testing, integration testing level and some more testing levels.
  • Functional testing is basically used to know the functionalities of a product. Testing the components or the system functionality with respect to functional requirements.
  • Functional Testing can be applied on component level and unit level also.
  • This Functional Testing Training includes the concepts like input domain coverage, output domain coverage, Database Testing and error handling etc.,
  • All these concepts can be explained with in depth knowledge during the Functional Testing Course.
    Concepts in Functional Testing Training
Learn about what is Component Testing during Functional Testing Training:

Functional Testing is also known as Component testing. Testing each and every component carefully against requirement description is called functional testing.

In this process all the components of the application are verified to check if they are working as expected or not.  

The components here include:

  • Test Box
  • Checklist
  • Dropdowns
  • Labels
  • Radio Buttons
  • Buttons
  • Links
  • Images
  • Checkbox etc.,

All the information regarding the above components will be provided during the Functional Testing Online Training.

The working of Functional Testing in Functional Software Testing Training:

The process of Functional Testing includes the following steps:

  • Functional Testing is conducted by providing suitable input to the function that needs to be tested.
  • Later, the result will be compared to know whether the verified result is same as expected result or not.
  • This type of testing can be used to show the capabilities of a particular software application, like the actions that are able to be performed by the users.

It’s typically approached from one of two perspectives:

  • Requirements-focused testing, which ranks requirements based on risk conditions in order to estimate the most critical and important types and functions first.
  • Business-process-focused testing; which depend on knowledge of end-user business requirements to evaluate an application’s performance in the framework of typical use cases.
Benefits of Functional Testing during Functional Testing Online Training:

There are many benefits of Functional Software Testing Training. A few of them are explained here and all the benefits of Functional Testing are covered during the Functional Testing Training.

  • Functional testing is vital step in evaluating the performance of a software application before it’s carried for actual use.
  • Releasing applications with serious functional limitations can create unsuccessful values for end users trusting on a software application to meet their use requirements.
  • In the best-case scenario, an application that doesn’t work as it should is an indirect defeat for end users. But for requests designed for business use, the significances can be serious.
  • Many industries have specific compliance requirements and directing strategies that must be met, and applications that fall short of meeting these requirements almost always result in negative outcomes for the user.

The importance of Functional Testing Training can be explained with in depth knowledge during the Functional Software Testing Online Course.

How Other Testing Trainings are helpful for Functional Testing Training:

In order to become a tester, these Testing Trainings are helpful. Hadoop Testing Training also plays an important role for a developer to become a tester. In this aspect it plays a vital role.

  • Almost all the testing trainings are interlinked with each other. Having knowledge regarding Hadoop Testing Training helps you to attain more detailed information about Functional Testing Training, because, Hadoop is also a software.
  • There includes many other testing which helps you to learn in depth knowledge regarding Functional Software Testing Online Course.
  • Global Online Trainings also provides Hadoop Testing Training and also Manual Testing Training. This manual testing training includes concepts like the Objectives & Principles of Software Testing, Overview of the Testing Strategy etc.,
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) also plays an important role to know completely about all the phases of testing for particular software.
  • In testing software, it includes various steps. They are Unit Testing Method, Integration, system testing and Acceptance Testing etc.,
  • Unit testing method is the first level of software testing followed by Integration Testing Training. Later it is followed by System testing and Acceptance Testing Training.

All these will help you to learn Best Functional Software Testing Online Training by well experienced trainers with detailed information during the course at Global Online Trainings.

Functional Testing Advantages during Functional Software Testing Online Course:
  • It produces a product/software having no defects in it.
  • It makes sure that the customer/ end-user is satisfied with the software.
  • It always confirms the exact working condition of all the functionalities of an application/software/product.
  • It checks whether all the required software applications are met or not.
  • It guarantees that the software/product works with good facilities.
  • It always checks the security and safety of the product. It checks and verifies the products quality.
  • The problems related to the product/software are reduced using the Functional Testing.

All these advantages play a very important role in order to explain the complete overview about the Functional Testing Training.

Conclusion of Functional Testing Training:

Global Online Trainings provides best Functional Testing Training with the advanced techniques by experienced Trainers having many years of experience. It plays important role in software testing. Functional Testing is also one of the techniques among many software testing techniques.

Register for this Functional Testing Training at Global Online Trainings by Professionals. Our Trainers are user friendly and they provide both Functional Software Testing Online Course and also Functional Testing Corporate Training based on the user requirement at flexible timings with reasonable price.


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