Gef Training

Gef training

Introduction To GEF Training Course :

 Graphical Editing Framework in short called as GEF. It is an Java technology, it is the  part of the Eclipse framework developed by the IBM. It gives developers an full solution for the graphical modeling of an java object model, & it can be used in the conjunction with other technologies such as the EMF (i.e. Eclipse Modeling Framework) or the  GMF (i.e. Graphical Modeling Framework), to be able to gain the abstraction levels in an application development. GEF is used to create the graphical editors for various diagrams like electrical networks or tree diagrams. Register for GEF Training and learn how this diagrams offer easy editing capabilities for data in specific domains & are well suited as an graphical representation of that data.  GEF editors can be used in-side the Eclipse RCP application, the application framework offered by the Eclipse.  For more information about the course contact us now.

GEF Online Training Course Content

  • Architecture
  • Model View Controller
  • Anatomy of a GEF application
  • Installation & configuration
  • Architecture &  Component Model
  • The Lightweight System
  • Draw2D Shapes & Widgets
  • Painting & Layout
  • Draw2d Event Model
  • Hit Testing
  • Connections & Routing
  • Coordinate System
GEF - A Detailed Look
  • Applying MVC in GEF
  • Attaching in-memory model
  • Creating a custom model
  • Implementing a view
  • EditPart as controller
  • Implementing a complete graphical editor
GEF Controllers
  • EditPart API ,  Domain object , Tools
  • Palette Viewer object
  • Edit Request
  • Feedback
  • Create graphical views with ScrollingGraphicalViewer
GEF Interactions
  • Action invocation
  • Mouse Clicks
  • Drag and Drop
  • Hover
  • Keyboard input
Wiring Components in GEF
  • Connections
  • Polyline class
  • Connection interface
  • ConnectionAnchor & ConnectionRouter interface
  • ConnectionLayer  &  PolylineConnection class
  • AbstractConnectionEditPart
  • NodeEditPart
  • Maintain connections in the model
  • Creating and editing Connections
  • Bendpoints