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Golang Training

Introduction to Golang Training:

Golang Training by Global online Trainings- It is a programming language created a Google team and it has powerful features in its library.  Go Programming Language is designed for three languages where there are Python, Java and C/C++ By using Golang Online Training we can recognize the limitations that Google was able to fix the given designing of existing languages. The Go programming language and its features are mainly using for general purpose so that it is called as general purpose programming language. You can create and implement executable binaries in Go ultimate production system.

Prerequisites for Golang Training:

To learn Golang Training at our Global Online Trainings the candidate should have a basic knowledge on Programming.

Golang Training Course Details:
  • Course Name: Golang Training
  • Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support
  • Duration of course: 30 Hrs (Can be optimized as per the requirement)
  • Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.
  • Course fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer experience: 10 years+
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.
  • Backup Session: If any student misses the session, we also provide backup session according to the student’s flexibility.

Golang Training course content


Overview of Golang Training:

Golang is a simple programming language and that have been using to build program software, which will run on massive clusters.

  • Go is like other typical languages such as C++ and Java. It will give a kind of fluidity and ease constructing a program. All Go programs are started with a package declaration to run and reuse code.
  • The Go programs are mainly two types those are libraries and executable. The libraries are the package of code and that package codes are also useful for other programs. Executable programs are mainly to run and execution of applications.
  • Go language has high efficiency, active development and it also have good tooling for making final executable source code.
  • With the help of basic structure you can build blocks in Go ultimate, by using identifier you can find user defined items such as variables and functions.

Global online Trainings has years of experienced trainers and they will give detailed explanation of Go program language.

What are the features of Golang Training?

Go programming language has the following features

  • The object oriented Go will suite for multi core processing and parallelism and concurrency, so that you can do a little harder for programming in classes and type inheritance etc.
  • Golang is simple and safe programming language. The elements in Golang will provide support for other similar languages also and it will compile the language program in a quick time. It also provides support for type embedding.
  • Go ultimate has inbuilt compatibility to compile regular or selected processes and statements. Golang will avoid a lot of cruft of traditional object oriented languages.
  • With the help of Golang Training you can able to gather requirements for a query and find solution and can implement into source code. After implementing solution you can run and execute the program.

Golang has many basic and advanced features we will teach all useful features in GOT.

Pros in Go programming language:
  • It has the things like Go routines and channels which are built around concurrent programming ad they are considered primitives in the language. Golang is booked by one of the largest tech company in the world Google because a lot of creators are actually worked directly for Google.
  • The Go language has its own primitive like strings and integers those are called as go routines and channels specifically build for concurrency.
  • The Python Training is also similar to Golang Programming Language and it will also useful to learn about the libraries and know where to implement.
  • With concurrency you can focus on multiple things at one time and essentially it is similar to parallel programming. The parallel programming is mostly focused to run things in parallel.
  • The concurrency is more like being able to run multiple processes at the same time on the same core or multi – core. For that there is a separate concurrent application for executing simultaneously.
  • In Golang Training you will know about the new outlines for parallel placed and object – oriented other languages towards concurrency. Go is almost focused exclusively to solve the complex query.
  • Go is a cross platform so that it can runs on windows, mac and also on Linux with the help of truly adoptable language like C sharp language.The Go has one way to do and this could be a downside of Golang.
  • Functions in Golang are the first class citizens in programming language such as Java Script and C Sharp etc. the functions are just like string and integers which are considered as their first class parameters.
  • Many computer systems are using GUI (Graphic User Interface) with the advanced features like visual buttons (Touch Screen) to work on that software Go language is most useful.
Files and Folders in Golang Training:
  • The file in Golang is a collection of data unit for an operating system. The operating system contains consists with a millions files and those files may contains various kinds of information from the text format documents up to executable programs.
  • The stored file will consume some amount of memory in computer and the type of file is signified with an extension of that file name.
  • The folder or directories will consist with a group of those directories name are separated with backslash character.
  • There are different file and folder systems for Windows and OSX (Mac OS X) operating system.
  • To design web framework by using simple programming language for quick and robust web applications Ruby on Rails is very useful.
  • For Windows operating system files and folders will use windows explorer browser.
  • For OSX (Mac OS X) operating system files and folders will browsed with the help of finder icon or option.
  • The list of files and folders are stored in home directory for those you can use CD command later directory name is the process to identify the particular file.

In Golang online Training, we are also tech about the file and folder system.

What are the Data types in Golang Training?

 The data types are referred as the extensive system for various kinds of functions. The different Golang-Datatypestype will represent the amount of storage occupied in a computer system. In Golang online Training you will learn four important and useful data types, those are

Boolean Data Type

This was consists two predefined constants, those are one is true and another one false. For data types like int (Integer) and float, when you create a variable it will have a huge range of numbers. In case of floats, it supports the point values.

Numeric Data Type

The numeric data type is useful for algorithm type of representation like integer and floating values in a programming language. Numeric data is where our data points are exact numbers, the main use of Numeric Data type is to store measurement or a count.

Statisticians are also called the numerical data as quantitative data and the numerical data is characterized into discrete or continuous data.

Discrete data has distinct value whereas the continuous data can assume any value within a range.

String Type

String is a combination of alpha numeric characters, in Golang programming language are considered as a group of string values. It is enclosed using double coats or single coats it depends on types of syntax’s using in that string.

Each string value is contains sequence of bytes. If once the string type is created then the string is unchangeable because it is pre declared.

Derived Type

In derived type the data will send and receive equal kind of information there are many kinds of derived types like array, map, channel etc. these are used for different features and different situations.


Conclusion to Golang Training:

The leading online training firm Global online Trainings is providing online Golang Training from India for you to get training in the way of providing solutions for programming queries. Students who are willing to work as Golang program Developer and beginners who are having less knowledge are also can take our online Go ultimate training.

Get register for the best online Golang Training from Global Online Trainings, by years of experienced expert trainers. We are also providing Corporate Training on client premise in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc. for an affordable cost. For more details please visit our official website, thank you.


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