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Google Apps training

Introduction To Google Apps Training Course:

Google Apps is an service provided by Google Inc.  Which includes several independently customizable web-applications.  The main objective of the Google Apps is to understand how to create a file using Google Apps, how to manage the file, how to share  an file and how to communicate with all the group-members using the Google groups. It is an leverage google infrastructure which is safe, secure and can back-up. The Google Apps features several web-applications with similar functionality to the traditional office suites, which includes Gmail, Google Group, Google Calander, Talk, Docs & sites. Register at Global Online Trainings for Google Apps Training and learn the most of commonly used apps and their usage, benefits , advantages and many more by our expert professionals in an interactive way. For more information regarding the course please contact our help desk now.

Google Apps Online Training Course Content

Google Docs
  • A Google Account
  • Managing Google Account
  • Changing Account Information
  • Adding and Launching Google Applications
  • Getting Familiar with the Google Docs Home Page
  • Organizing and Finding a Documents
Starting Word Processing
  • Creating, naming, saving the First Document
  • Introducing Formatting
  • Printing and deleting a Document
Formatting Documents
  • Working with Templates
  • Importing and Exporting Documents
  • Doing Research
  • Working Offline
Taking Your Docs to the Next Level: Lists, Tables, and Insertions
  • Working with Lists
  • Adding Tables to a Document
  • Inserting and Editing Images
  • Working with Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
Sharing & Collaborating on Documents
  • Sharing a Document
  • Other Ways to Share a Document
  • Collaborating on a Document
  • Working with a Document’s Revision History
Introducing Spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet Basics
  • Creating Your First Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • Creating a New Spreadsheet from a Template
  • Formatting a Spreadsheet
  • Working with Data
  • Printing and Deleting Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets: Formulas and Charts
  • Working with Spreadsheet Formulas
  • Getting the Big Picture with Charts, Graphics, and Gadgets
Sharing and Collaborating on Spreadsheets
  • Sharing Spreadsheets
  • Collaborating on Spreadsheets
  • Creating a Form to Gather Data
  • Working with a Spreadsheet’s Revision History
Introducing Presentations
  • Giving Your Sliders PIZZAZZ
  • Working with Slides
  • Working with Presentations
The Main Event: Sharing and Viewing Presentations
  • Sharing a Presentation
  • Collaborating on a Presentation
  • Giving a Live Presentation
  • Publishing a Presentation on the Web
  • Working with Revisions