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Greenplum Training

Introduction to Greenplum Training

Greenplum Training is developed to maintain Big Data Analytics. The newest commodity hardware improvements implementing users can get instant benefit Greenplum Training. Greenplum  analyzes Terabytes, Database stores, manages, to Petabytes of data. The necessary background to install this course which provides administrators maintains the Greenplum database. The essential skills required to use the Greenplum database system can learn by students. Experience the Database takes a global view of execution across the computer cluster and Real time implementation of potential execution plans. Available both for individual and corporate batches, Greenplum DBA online Course is rendered by best tutors available from the related industry with adequate industry exposure. To know more information about the Greenplum DBA online Course call the help desk.

Prerequisites for Greenplum Training

  • Basic Linux or UNIX command-line administration and navigation skills
  • Basic SQL knowledge for accessing database objects including but not limited to Database query language basics.
  • Fundamental relational database concepts

Greenplum DBA online Course content

Topic 1: Architecture Of Greenplum


  •  Greenplum Master
  •  Greenplum Interconnect
  •  Segment Mirroring in Greenplum
  • Segment Failover &  Recovery in Greenplum
  •  Master Mirroring in The Greenplum
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Topic 2: Broadcast


  • Understand Greenplum Distribution Policies, Distributed Database & Broadcast.
  • Distributed Databases Greenplum
  • Understanding The Greenplum Distribution Policies
  • Broadcast
Topic 3: The Greenplum Query Processing


  •  Query Planning & Dispatch in Greenplum
  •  Greenplum Query Plans
  •  Parallel Query Execution in Greenplum
Topic4: Access control &  Greenplum security


  • Managing Roles & Privileges in Greenplum
  • Security Best Practices for Roles & Privileges
  • Creating New Roles (Users) for the Greenplum
  • Creating Groups  in Greenplum
  • Managing The Object Privileges
  • Encrypting Of Data in Greenplum
  • Greenplum Time-based_ Authentication
  • Permissions for Greenplum
  • How to Add Time-based Constraints in the Greenplum
Topic5: Configuring The Greenplum Client Authentication


  • Allowing Connections to the Greenplum Database
  • Limiting the Concurrent Connections in the Greenplum
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Topic6: Accessing Of Greenplum Database


  • Establishing an Database Session
  • Supported Client-Applications
  • The Greenplum Database Client Applications
  • The Greenplum Database Application Interfaces,
  • Troubleshooting Greenplum Connection Problems
Topic7: Greenplum Database Objects


  • Defining Of Greenplum Database Objects
  • Creating & Managing Greenplum Databases
  • Creating&  Managing Greenplum Tablespaces
  • Creating &Managing Schemas in Greenplum
  • Creating & Managing Tables in Greenplum
  • Choosing the Table Storage Model in Greenplum
  • Partitioning Of  Large Tables
  • Creating &  Using Sequences
  • Using Of Indexes in Greenplum Database
  • Creating & Managing Views in Greenplum
Topic8: Managing Of Data in Greenplum


  • About Concurrency and Isolation in Greenplum database
  • Inserting Of New Rows in Greenplum
  • Updating The  Existing Rows in Greenplum
  • Deleting Of Rows in Greenplum
  • Vacuuming Greenplum Database
Topic9: Starting /Stopping Greenplum


  • Overview
  • Starting Of  Greenplum Database
  • Stopping Of Greenplum Database
Topic10: Loading & Unloading Data


  • The Greenplum data loading options
  • The Greenplum External tables
  • Example of loading data with External Tables  
Topic11: Backing Up & Restoring Greenplum Databases


  • Overview of Backup & Restore Greenplum Operations
  • Backing Up an Greenplum Database
  • Restoring Of Parallel Backup Files
Topic12: Monitoring an Greenplum System


  • Monitoring Of Greenplum System State
  • Viewing Of the Greenplum Database Server Log Files
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Topic13: Routine System Maintenance Tasks


  • Routine Vacuum &  Analyze
  • Routine Of Reindexing
  • Managing The Greenplum Database Log Files
Topic14: Common Causes of Performance Issues


  • Identifying Hardware & Segment Failures
  • Managing The Workload
  • Maintaining Of Database Statistics
  • Optimizing Of Data Distribution
  • Optimizing of Database Design
Topic15: Common Causes of Performance Issues


  • Checking the System State
  • Checking of Database Activity
  • Troubleshooting the Problem Queries
  • Investigating the Error Messages                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Overview about Greenplum Training :

  • The head quarters of big data Analytics Company of Greenplum training is at San Mateo, California. Greenplum’s products include its Data Computing Appliance, Unified Analytics Platform, Database, Chorus, Analytics Lab, and HD.
  • High performance database platform for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence is known as Greenplum Database.
  • Greenplum Training Database was developed to let users to take benefit of large groups of influential, Ethernet switches, storage and low-cost commodity servers.
  • The newest commodity hardware improvements from implementing, in Greenplum Training users can get instant benefit.
  • Deploying the latest commodity hardware innovations from Greenplum customers can gain immediate benefit.
  • With Greenplum Database and basic Greenplum administrator functions Greenplum training is designed to make you an expert in working through the basic steps involved in creating an instance.  
  • The professionals who would like to update themselves with the new technologies as well as content are designed in such a way that it is suitable to the beginners in Our Greenplum Online Training.
  • The Greenplum Training course explores fundamental concepts using the psql, DDL, DML, DQL and CLI data loading, data modeling, performance tuning strategies, as well as some backup and restore.
  • The strongest pillars are Big Data Analytics Greenplum DBA has been considered. The Apache Hadoop framework to create a technology called HAWQ which own Pivotal HD, Hadoop distribution, EMC Greenplum debuts, which marries Greenplum’s massively parallel processing database technology.

Course Objectives for Greenplum Training

  • Install a Greenplum Validate and Initialize
  • Practical Partitioning and Distribution
  • oriented storage techniques with Columns
  • GP SQL for Tuning Techniques for
  • to tune SQL Utilize the explain plan
  • Multi-source resource management Implement with a matrix
  • techniques for Loading
  • techniques for Backup
  • Greenplum scripting via Perl or Python

Advantage of Greenplum Training

  • The person to configure Green plum Database validates, install, and initialize helps in the Greenplum Training.
  • The user can manage by defining and managing roles, resource queues and privileges workload management processes and the database objects.
  • For handling large tables use table partitioning as a design methodology.
  • The person can load the data into a Greenplum database instance using SQL copy, external tables, parallel load utilities and insert commands.
  • It helps the user to perform the restoration and backup of Greenplum data.
  • The latest commodity hardware innovations users can gain immediate benefit from deploying in Greenplum.
  • SNMP notification in the case of any event needing IT attention and the Greenplum Database provides integrated email