Grunt training

Grunt training

Introduction to Grunt Training:

GRUNT Training is a task manager and is everywhere with JavaScript become easier and quicker. It can do all your JavaScript tasks for you. All you need to do is set it up & watch your job. JavaScript projects from jQuery to Twitter Bootstrap use Grunt to convert the run tests, code, & produce distributions for production. It’s a written with modern apps in mind, but build tool in the spirit of Make & Rake. Register for GRUNT Corporate training with flexible timings at reasonable price by top best expert consultant at Global online trainings

Intro Preview of Grunt Training:

The purpose of Grunt training is to manage the process automation.It uses the node.js platform to run the custom defined tasks. Most of the software developers use this grunt training in the development of continuous integration flow.

Mode of Training: Grunt Online Training/Grunt Corporate Training/Grunt Virtual Web Training .

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement)..

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for Grunt training. 

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 11+ years.

Prerequisites for Grunt training:

  • Basic idea on programming background is preferred for Grunt online Training.
  • This course is meant for people with some programming background.
  • Those who want to get a better understanding of GRUNT online Training.

Grunt online training course content

Grunt online training course content

Overview of Grunt training:

  • Grunt is distributed as a node package and let’s head over to the console to show you how to install. So here I  brought up the terminal in Mac and what you want to do is make sure that you install grunt as a global application. So it becomes available from anywhere inside of your terminal command line in Grunt.
  • So let’s do that  NPM for an o package manager install –g which stands for global grunt hit enter now.You may encounter some errors and this simply means I don’t have the permissions to install it the way I have it. So let’s do the sudo NPM install –g grunt enter my local password and and that should install successfully and then it’s done.
  • Grunt online job support by default  uses a grunt file and that file is grunt js so I have a text editor open with a folder you will see called calculator and that’s just some boiler plate JavaScript Corporate training files that I will use to build against. So let’s go ahead and create our grunt file.
  • In this case of a new file What you need to do anytime you create a file is enter some boiler plate text and that is module.exports equals function then pass in grunt and that’s really all you need now. What we will do in this  screen cast is go ahead and create a grunt configuration to minify some JavaScript files.
  • What’s the bottom line? We need to tell grunt training that we are going to configure it so  we give it the command grunt init config this is actually a function we are calling and we are providing it this object and it’s an object of configuration.
  • If we utilize the built in minification task we just simply write that and we are going to say this is our distribution and the first argument going to is the source. So this is the file that we want to  minify in this case and I will go ahead  and add the or minify the add function so remember that’s in the calculator folder. So I have to prefix with that so then I will say the destination is and  I will just put this one at the root just so we can see it and I will just to add.min.js save it.
  • Now what I need to do is ask grunt to run this and this is all I need to do this is the only configuration that I need to minify that add js file located inside the calculator folder. Let’s come to the terminal and type grunt. Now this is telling us there is no default task found. Well, I will get into how we can address that at the moment but what you can do is say alright but run the minified grunt min task and you will notice it says running men: dist and I will get into what that syntax means in just a moment file admin JS was  created and we can even see it  over here in our text editor uncompressed size 39 by its compressed sizes 50 bytes 30 bytes minified and so forth in Grunt.
  • Do I have your attention,In Grunt Now let’s go and take a look at the original file here’s the add  and here is the minified and you can see it got rid of the extra spaces didn’t need any comments if there were any made the parameters one character. So now let’s say that we want to minify all of the calculator files but let’s just take it one step at a time let’s just say I want the add and subtract. Well, we can simply say that source is now an array of files or array of strings and the string represents the u file path and I will say calculator slash subtract.As part of the regular web development almost every day we usually do some kind of repetitive tasks. 
  • If you are felling pressure in your work for avoiding this stress work it’s better to take job support. For this virtual job support is the best for job/project support services. We will give your project in time without any waiting. We have 15+years experience in IT industry. Virtual job support has expert trainers for Grunt job support. We also give job/project support to you not only for experience for fresher also.
General Web UI  DEV. Tasks in Grunt online Training:
  • Minifying CSS files: You might be wondering, In order to keep file size more we usually do minifying of jars css or even the java script files so minifying is nothing but the process of removing unnecessary blank spaces or lines in your file. For development we use run minified versions  which actually help us to read the files and respond and understand the scripts much easier and for the production we usually use the minified versions which might look something like no one can read and really understand until and unless we use other tools to un minify them.
  • Compiling SASS/ LESS to  CSS & minify :so if you are familiar with SASS/LESS which are usually used for dynamic CSS we need to compile those particular files of SASS usually in the form of .SASS or .LESS so those files are dynamic in nature need to be compiled to get to CSS files. So once we have the CSS files again we can minify them as necessary.  once the CSS file as been generated you can see those variables will be replaced with the respective values directly as part of that particular CSS attribute. So in that way we can have some dynamic SASS/LESS files. Our trainers will skilled you Grunt online project support at reasonable price.
  • Combining all JavaScript files in to one- This is on case by case basis so sometimes usually for single page application we might really want to have all of the JavaScript files to be combined and concatenated into one particular file. But again as I mentioned this is case by case basis.
Conclusion of Grunt Training:

In short, Similar to minifying CSS files we also have the options for minifying JavaScript files  and minifying images as well so which means usually you know as part of the development the minifying of images could be done at the very beginning itself or sometimes it could be done as part of the workflow itself. Global Online Trainings provide Grunt Corporate Training at an affordable cost. There is a huge demand for Grunt online training now a days.It is very easy to learn Grunt online job support.We provide in depth knowledge about Grunt corporate training by industry experts at flexible timings. With the help of Grunt you can easily develop applications in effective manner.

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