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Hadoop testing training

Hadoop testing training Introduction

The Hadoop testing process is understandably the most important aspect of any software domain. The Testing Engineer role extends to different domains when the organization chooses to adapt itself to an improved technology. In this blog post, let’s discuss why a Software Testing Engineer should learn Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem technologies. You will be trained in the Hadoop software, architecture, MapReduce, HDFS, and various components like Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume and Oozie. You will be fully equipped in various test case scenarios, Proof of Concepts implementation and real world scenarios.

Prerequisites for Hadoop testing training:

  • No prerequisite is required to learn Hadoop testing.
1 : Software
  • Creation of Amazon Elastic Mapreduce instance
  • Cloudera VM
3 : HDFS
  • Learning to browse the hdfs file system using UI
  • Locating the blocks of data in hdfs
5 : Hive
  • Overview of HIVE architecture
  • Hive Query Language
  • running & Writing Hive queries on Hadoop
POC and Lab Exercise
  • End-End demonstration of a POC
  • Instructions for implementing an exercise
2 : Architecture
  • Complete overview of system architecture
  • Including components theory & data flow.
  • Overview of HDFS,
  • Overview of Reducers & Mappers
4 : MapReduce Jobs
  • Running a map reduce code written in Java
  • Looking at the logs generated by the job
  • Interpreting the output messages printed by a job
  • Monitoring the progress if the Hadoop jobs in the UI
  • Interpreting the output of the job
6 : PIG
  • Pig Architecture
  • Pig Latin Language
  • Writing and running Pig Latin scripts
  • Difference between Hive & Pig

Why Hadoop testing ? 

  • Hadoop Developers & Big Data
  • Quality Assurance, system administrators, tech support, & tester
  • A clear understanding of the Hadoop & Hadoop ecosystems
  • HDFS architecture, Datanode, Namenode, data replication, & flow of data
  • Master MapReduce concepts , Concurrency, Mapper, Reducer functions, Ordering & Shuffle