Hadoop testing training

Hadoop Testing Training

Introduction to HADOOP Testing Training:

HADOOP Testing Training provides some skills to recognize, examine and resolve the errors in hadoop structure. Data which are stored in Hadoop should be check that data if any faults are there should be resolve so testers will do this. HADOOP Testing Training is important feature of any software domain. The main important thing in Big data Testing online Training is to user requirement should be known. Global Online Trainings provides the Big Data Testing Training with the real time examples from India. Our trainers will also explain about the components of the HADOOP. Hadoop Certification Training also given in our GOT you will get certified on this course. 

Prerequisites of HADOOP Testing Training:

  • Familiar with the hive it is so important for the Hadoop Testing Training.
  • Mapred, Pig, Sqoop , flume and spark knowledge should be there.
  • You should know about the HADOOP for Hadoop testing Training.

Big Data Hadoop Testing Training Course Content

Big Data Hadoop Testing Training Course Content

What is Pig?

You might be wondering, Pig has given its own language called Pig Latin Scripting which is a Data flow language. Hive has introduced Pig which is now a day’s great project in Apache. Pig has built on top of Map Reduce. So most probably Pig, Hive, Hbase these three are very important tools in Hadoop training ecosystem.


What is Big data?
  • Do I have your attention? Big data training is actually data which is beyond storage and dealing out capacity of conventional databases. So basically these kind of data will be generated automatically using multiple sources like from mobiles, social sites, online portals and there are so many sources.
  • Now where do we get this Data? What are the different sources to get this data? Three are multiple sources like social network sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc from this you are getting the huge data which comes under the Big Data. Are you interested in learning advance topics on this course? We provide best Hadoop Testing Training with live projects at an affordable price at flexible timings.
  • Apart from these we also get the data from mobile devices like calls data, text data, apps data etc. So these are all comes under mobile devices. These data can be generated through mobile devices.

Next one is Internet transactions like if we go for portal we do different kind of transactions for portals. We do certain kind of transaction like purchase some item, banking activities etc so these kind of transactions comes under Internet  transactions which will be generated from e-commerce web sites. Network Devices/ Sensors: So from these also we will generate some data like temperature, weather forecasting so these kind of information/ data will be generated. So these are all the different sources the Big Data is generating now a days. If you want to learn more about this course, we provide best Hadoop Testing corporate Training by real time experts.


Characteristics of Big Data:

Want to know the best part ? The Data should have some properties or certain characteristics then we can say that it is a Big Data. So even though you have a huge data that should satisfy certain characteristics then we can call as a Big Data. Now let’s see what are those characteristics?

  • Basically we have 5 characteristics of Big Data. So if we satisfy these 5 characteristics that comes under Big Data. First is Volume,If there is any data it should have huge size of data. Are you passionate in doing certifications? Global online trainings is rich in providing Hadoop Testing Certification training by industry experts.
  • Second is Velocity, What is Velocity? Processing speed of data. If you have huge volume of Data obviously the processing speed can be increased.
  • Third is Variety, which means different types of Data like text data, voice data, images etc. The volume and velocity should have some value. Why Big Data come in to picture? Because we need for analytical purpose.
  • Fourth is Value. So if you want to do some analysis then there should be value for this data. So without having any value no need to maintain the data, no use. So if you want to store some data it should have some value and it should be used for some kind of analysis purpose. Thus Data should have some Value. Worth of Data being extracted.
  • Fifth is Veracity. What does it mean? How accurate is all these data. So whatever data we have extracted from multiple sources is the data how much we have activated. Sometimes we get Junk data. So among this data we need to make sure the data should be accurate.

Overview about HADOOP Testing Training:

  • HADOOP Testing Training the main theme is to clear all the errors which are in the map reduce, pig like that. If we write any program or any appliance firstly we would like to test that program. We have to test that to make sure that requirements what are they ask present or not and working as per the conditions for the user who are going to using .
  • Hadoop Testing Training first they will check program and then plan will be check and the code which have executed will also to be test. Errors which are take place in the data will also be check. After that testing the data will be deliverd.
  • Like that in big data testing we want to test the program whatever we are developing. Whatever the objects in the Big data can be like hdfc, scala, mr etc we want to test that program before deploying in to the production. We should test all the objects in hadoop and we want to make sure that minimum bugs in the production so that production systems are running without requiring us looking in to this. Hadoop administration Training also available with the reasonable price.

Why HADOOP Testing Training Needed?

Hadoop Testing Training is needed to be taken for every developer who want to be become tester. Business Application also depends on the output of the big data on our programs. Programs are like map reduce, hive, etc if those have any problems then the output will also be effect and this will effect on the business application. So Code should be test perfectly, testing is based on the testers. Large amount of data will be stored in hadoop that code or programs will be test perfectly By the Big Data Testing Online Training only.  For testing there will be some levels they are

Unit testing
Integration Testing
End to end Testing

These testing validate whether the functions  is working as per desired state and there is non functional testing, performance testing and security testing like this. Testing should be tested by the developer only who developed the code that developer want to test before handling to the main team who then verifies and test it to make sure that it is working as per the requirements. If it is deviating that means there is an bugs in that code so the developer want to test that code once again. Hadoop developer training also given by best corporater trainers from India 

hadoop testing training introductionHive:  Hive which is required for processing big data and structured in nature and hive is built on the top of the Hadoop. Hive is used for the querying the structured data. Hive should only use when your processing data cross the gb otherwise we should not use it. Hadoop to start process it will need lot of resources. your RDMS is faster than the hadoop because hadoop will take more time to start. Hive is not a transcational data.

Hive is built on the top of the Existing  hadoop where hadoop has two components are HDFS and MAP Reduce . HDFS is stores the files and you will not loss the data even one machine failure, MR is an framework and  is required for analyzing the data whatever you showed in the hdfs and executing the some business logic on top of the hdfs. Hive uses MR to run its logic it does not have its own execution. Hadoop online Training our trainings will be done through the online session only and this training will be conducted at flexible time only of you.


What is Hadoop Training:

  • Hadoop training, now a days large amount of data storing becoming so trouble because data quantity increasing but that much storage are not available firstly there is an the big data for storing the large quantity data but it will store some data because it also have some drawbacks about this storage so the developers has introduced the Big data Testing online Training because it has peta byte that much data can be stored in this.
  • Data which are coming from website each and every should be in the peta byte like 5pt or 10 pt that amount of data will come in a single way in that situation each and every data in a day will take so much database in that situation we will take HADOOP for storing the large amount of data. Hadoop Testing Training not only for storing and also used for the retrieving purpose also. 

What is Salesforce Training:

  • Salesforce Training Which provides infrastructure to your business. In time-honored IT sector if we want to implement business id you need to establish the hardware structure and also many softwares and be careful about the security in your system. Each business requires the own infrastructure. If someone provides the common infrastructure for the business  then no need to contain network team and also software installation not required. Because service provider will take care of it that is saleforce only.
  • Salesforce infrastructure has already built in the cloud and if business essential communications they have to pay to Salesforce team. Salesforce is cloud based technology. Salesforce has many cloud products. Every products in salesforce have built in futures which is suits for business requirement. Salesforce have already implemented It solutions.
  • CRM where we can engage your customer while serving them but do not underrate the power of Salesforce. Business is never end process every time new requirement come in implementation. Salesforce has it own programming language and also frontend programming. Salesforce has many tools to implement the business requirements. It has own compiler to executes their Apex programs. Global Online Trainings provides the Salesforce training also by the trainers who are professional in this course. Salesforce is to be known for the Hadoop Testing Training.

Conclusion of Hadoop Testing training :

Using the HADOOP Testing Training we can maintain easily large amount of data. If data is lost in Hadoop Testing Training we can immediately get that data because it has retrieval process. Global Online Trainings gives the Big data and Hadoop Training by the corporate trainers. Online class are available with 24/7 servers. Hadoop it will store the large amount of data and scuttle their application on number of clusters. There are so many clusters are available in the HADOOP Testing . Hadoop Testing  it is an free open source software we can download it freely. Hadoop Testing Training it will provide the massive storage for any kind of data and ability to handle the almost limitless parallel jobs. Join in Global online trainings for best Big Data Hadoop Testing Training by industry experts from India. Hurry Up!


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