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Introduction to HP ALM Training:

HP ALM Training is an acronym for Application Lifecycle Management. HP ALM was previously known as HP QC or also called as HP Quality center. Now the very first question is what is HP ALM? Or What is HP QC. HP ALM is a test management tool. Now what is exactly a test management? Things related to testing if you are trying to manage those are known as test management. Global Online trainings provide best online and corporate training for HP Quality Center Training by industry experts at flexible timings.


Mode of Training: HP ALM Online Training/HP ALM Corporate Training/HP ALM  Virtual Web Training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours(Can be optimized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we provide materials for HP ALM Training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.


Overview of HP ALM Training:

  • HP ALM Training tool is a central repository for your all activities with respect to testing or development. So it’s not only about testers being using HP ALM tool It’s about collaborating between different teams. So we bring in all people like Developers, Testers, Business Analyst, Project managers everybody has an access to HP Quality Center Training Tool as a central repository. So you don’t have to go in different locations in order to fetch your data. In earlier days, before the advent of any ALM tool people were using multiple tools.
  • One tool for requirement management and somebody was writing the test cases and keep it over the sharepoint. Somebody was just locking or just writing down defects in Excel and sending a daily report for over the HP over the emails so those days are gone.
  • Now everything has to be done at a central location so that whole team can have a look at it whenever they want. So it’s more collaborative now, the traceability is more because you can link your each and every module, artifacts with each other.
  • HP Quality Center Training is a web-based tool which really helps you in order to capture all your phases of SDLC. If you have requirement phase,design phase, execution phase, defects and defect management so all these phases are being captured in HP ALM Training. So It’s a one stop solution for you where each and every team member can really collaborate at one central repository. Our consultants are highly skilled at HP ALM Training.
  • Test management is managing activities,artifacts or documents which are related to testing. Now what are those different documents? It can be attest,it can be a test data,test execution results. We have something as defects,graphs,reports etc. So if you are trying to manage all the artifacts is known as test management. We have a software known as HP QC / ALM Admin Training which is used to manage all these artifacts.HP Performance Center Training is used for testing an application.
  • HP ALM Quality Center Training can be integrated with different tools it can be with respect to HP tools like HP unified functional testing, HP QC / ALM Admin Training,HP Load Runner, HP Sprinter along with HP tools it has a capability to integrate with third-party tools like IBM and Microsoft. Let’s see what are those IBM rational ClearQuest, IBM rational Requisite Pro, Microsoft Team foundation server. So it can be connected with different third-party tools also.
  • Now let’s see what are the different target audience who can use this HP ALM Quality Center Training. HP ALM Training can be used by different target audience like Testers, Developers, Business Analyst, Clients. So anybody can use this tool because they have different sections in this HP ALM. Now let us see the evolution of HP ALM.
  • Previously, when it was launched for the first time HP ALM Training was known as Test Director so the version number was 1.5 to 8.0. after this test director it was known as Mercury HP Quality Center Training and the version number was 8.1 to 9.0.
  • After this Mercury HP Quality Center Training it became HP QC the version started from 9.2 to 10.0 and now in today’s world it is known as HP ALM. It starts with version number 11.0 to 12.53 so that is the evolution of HP ALM Training.

HP ALM Training Architecture:

  • HP ALM Training works on the client-server architecture so first you need to install a server at your location and then you can give the login ID and the password to everybody which works on this client machine. So we have server machine and client machine here ,it is connected by this protocol that is HTTPS over the internet. Now to manage all the database related to this HP ALM training we need some database server. It manages the site admin, lab project and the project repository.
  • It will be trying to analyse the different sections of this testing part. The very first one would be release specifications will proceed to requirements specifications then we will go for test plan, test execution, and then for the defect tracking part. So we will try to go in this particular workflow.
  • With every newer version of HP ALM Training the user interface is changing drastically. Previously when it was HP QC we had different modules and the user interface was not that much friendly but now in the newer version there are some few modules which were added it is very easy, very simple to understand and also to remember.

HP ALM Success Factors:                                             SucessFactors HP ALM Training

You might be thinking what capabilities ALM Tool should have in order to be successful right? So  there are many ALM tools. It’s not about HP or Microsoft or any vendor. Every vendor is providing an ALM tool but there are clear cut differences between all these tools. Even though all these vendors provide same capability because ALM tool has to be providing those capabilities in terms of SDLC. SO what are the different success factors for ALM.


So first of all is technology support. How and what kind of technology the tool should be supporting. So let’s say if your project is on SAP or DotNet or Java so that ALM tool should provide that support with respect to your project. So project could be in any technology, first is the technology support so any ALM tool should be having that so this is really interesting to understand these success factors so that when it comes to choosing which ALM tool should I have in my project. So this comparison really helps.


 It’s not about just using an HP ALM Training tool within your team. It has to be integrated and with the different tools in your organisation. So Development team could have been using different IDE’s or different ALM tool in terms of their activity. Like HP ALM Training, HP Loadrunner training is also used to test applications, measuring system behaviour and performance under load.  We have controller which is the manager of the LoadRunner. It transfers the scripts generated by two different Load generator machines.Development team could have used Eclipse IDE in order to coding or VSTS or TFS for CICD pipeline but QA team is using HP ALM Training So how multiple teams getting integrated and collaborated. So that part is very important so Integrations offer ALM tool with other tool in the Organisation is really important.


Right now we see a different kind of methodologies being practised in IT projects. It’s not about water fall project so it’s gone. Everybody is using Agile, Scrum and Kanban so we have to look in to all these methods and methodologies in ALM tool. So these tools are providing those capabilities or not.HP Performance Center Training is an enterprise-level performance testing platform that allow the structure of a performance testing. HP ALM PC Training is an enterprise version of Load Runner.

Setup & Maintenance :

When any HP ALM  Training tool is being acquired or any team is on board on any ALM tool the first thing comes into mind is what kind of support I will get. How soon my issues will be resolved on HP Quality Center Training.  So setup and Maintenance is very important in terms of operational activities. Once you have on-boarded in ALM tool it becomes pretty much important for you in  order to understand how easy it is to set up.


Every tool has a strong point so some tool has a more alignment towards quality, some tools has more towards Devops or CICD pipeline so if we are from testing team we look at the quality perspective. So how strong HP Quality Center Training is in terms of Quality Management? What kind of different features it provides in terms of having testing team one so that quality is really important.


Scalability is in terms of How Scalability is? How soon we can ramp up the HP ALM Training tool? Let’s say you have 30 people on on-board on HP ALM but suddenly you get a new project and you have hundred people now. So how soon you can scale up your HP ALM Training or any ALM tools. So that is really  important so these are the Success Factors which really helps you to decide which ALM tool I should go for. HP ALM Training at Global Online trainings is rich in providing Online and Corporate training by experts. 

Conclusion of HP ALM Online Training:

HP ALM Training helps organisations to manage the application lifecycle. Global online trainings provide corporate training for HP ALM Training at reasonable cost.HP ALM allows integration with other HP products such as HP QTP Training also known as Quick Test Professional.It is the flagship functional testing tool now acquired by HP. It is basically an icon based tool which automates the functional & regression testing of an application. QTP is easier to use and implement for both technical and non-technical testers in comparison to other functional testing tools available.It is the market leader in functional automation tool with over 50% market share.



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