HP LoadRunner Training

HP LoadRunner training

Introduction to HP LoadRunner Training:

HP LoadRunner is a load test automation tool which is used to testing the performance of system behavior under load, particularly for users. If a system with low performance while purchasing or selling or taking some tests online, then no one is not interested to work with that or use that. And also it is very easier to lose clientele than gain them. Without testing or checking you can’t buy or try a product. So that in that case HP LoadRunner training is used to understand the system performance. Loadrunner is a pioneer tool in performance testing area and market.

Global Online Trainings provides HP LoadRunner online Training. And provides classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. if you have any queries please contact Global Online Trainings helpline.

Mode of training:  Backbone Js Online training/backbone Js corporate training/Backbone Js classroom training.

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global online trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global online trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

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Overview of HP LoadRunner training :Features HP Loadrunner training

HP LoadRunner training is a manufacturing most important presentation with a market share of some high proportion. It is used for investigative the system activities, software performance under load conditions.

While collecting the information on application performance, HP LoadRunner training can follow hundreds of coexisting users to put the application. This application server is tested from key communications mechanism such as web servers, database servers. It can also be identifying the weak links with the following of IT infrastructure.                                                    

HP LoadRunner training is a performance testing tool which was established by Mercury in 1999. LoadRunner was acquired by HPE in 2006. In 2016, Loadrunner was acquired by Microfocus.

HP LoadRunner training chains a variety of development tools, technologies, and announcement protocols. It is only the tool in the market to conduct presentation testing. It is also a market leader in the performance testing paradigm.

It is very useful to clients to out of sorts verifying your presentation benchmarks. HP LoadRunner training is highly integrated with other HP tools like QTP & ALM. Load runner works on the principle of simulating virtual users on the subject application. Global online training provides you in-depth knowledge in HP LoadRunner online training.


Why performance testing?

  • If the application is running slow the end customers and end users are move away from those applications because these days the customers have lot of opportunities or lot of scope outside. It’s not just your website, there are so many websites available. So as a owner you don’t want the end customer to move away from your website because the website is slow. So this is the precise reason why Performance testing training is done on your applications.
  • So to get rid of these problems these applications get performance tested. So they do everything possible to make these end users happy. So that they can come back to these websites again and again . First let’s try to understand why these applications actually become so? If the load of the application increases. So let’s take Gmail application so at this point of time it’s not one person who will be using Gmail but there are multiple people who will be using this Gmail application.
  • So these users we call them as concurrent users and when the concurrent users increases, the number of concurrency increases, the load on the application increases and it is a universal rule that when the load on something increases, the performance of that particular thing decreases which means that it becomes slow and when it becomes slow the end user is not happy. So this is how the application become slow.
  • So when we do performance testing as part we make sure that even though the load increases, the performance is not deteriorating or if the deteriorating happens it is under the acceptable limits that’s what we do as performance testers. As a performance tester you cannot make the applications faster. You can only do the testing and tell to the developer saying that this application is slow and you can also identify the root cause or identify the problematic area because of which the application is slow.
  • Now it is up to the developers or the performance engineers to make necessary changes to your application and make it faster. So if you are under the impression that performance testers will make the application fast and then it is incorrect. You only identify the problems if it is slow or of it is fast you just let them know that it is fast that’s what your responsibility.

 Architecture of HP LoadRunner Online training:

The architecture of HP LoadRunner training is complex. In the Loadrunner architecture, there are 4 parts. Those are Vugen, Controller, Analyze and Agent Machine.

LoadRunner VUGen:

VUGen is standing for Virtual User Generator are an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or a rich coding editor. Vugen is worked on record-and-playback principle. Vugen is used to record the actions. Script section and new virtual user dialog, start recording dialog are the actions recorded by Vugen recording options. In recording options scripts, protocol, recording and port mapping along with this advanced settings, correlation, and code generation.

LoadRunner Script:

 It is an option to select scripting language along with few settings related to the script. For example for web protocol, the scripting language is C.

LoadRunner Protocol:

The selected protocol is displayed on the new virtual user dialog box. For HTTP protocol, the scripting language is C.

HP Recording:

Selection of mode or HTTP or HTML level can be done from this. It gives good understanding provide an idea about the major difference between them. Global online trainings is best in providing HP LoadRunner training by experts from India.

HP Port mapping:

It is an option providing the port mapping.

HP LoadRunner Advanced settings:

It is an option covers few advanced settings related to script making or script execution.

HP Correlation:

This is related to automated correlation.

HP Code generation:

This is ornamental the data format capabilities of web protocol.

HP Controller:

A controller is the main component which controls the Load reproduction by managing if VUser writing is finalized. In this how many VUsers to replicate against each business process. By collating results periodically controller will manage the Load simulation.


HP LoadRunner Agents Machine:

This is also known as Load Generators or Injectors. In HP LoadRunner online training thousands of VUsers are computer-generated by Loadrunner controller. Organizer simulates these VUsers from the same device. If a controller is on various machine and load is imitation from other machines.


HP LoadRunner Analysis:

In HP LoadRunner training analysis has occurred after Load scenarios have been executed. The controller creates a dump of results in raw form during the execution in performance tool. And all the errors and exceptions are logged in a Microsoft access database, named as output.mdb. During scenario execution, the performance of the application is recorded by Loadrunner records under different loads. Various graphs are generated by the ‘HP Analysis’ tool which helps in identifying the root causes behind a lag of system performance.


Features of HP LoadRunner online Training:

HP training is given by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this HP training, there are two types. Those are Hardware training and Software training. There are so many courses in hardware training and software training. Application Functional training, application lifecycle management, cloud and automation etc belongs to software training.

HP Cloud and HP Helion, HP blade system and Proliant courses, and networking etc. belong to hardware training. In HP LoadRunner training, testing tool is HP LoadRunner. And HP QTP is software which provides functional and regression test.

HP QTP stands for HP Quick Test Professional. It also is known as HPE Unified Functional Testing. It supports keyword and scripting interfaces and features a graphical user interface. HP training uses the visual basic scripting edition scripting language to specify a test procedure. It is an automated testing software. HP training is designed for testing various software applications.


Performance testing with HP LoadRunner Training:

  • Performance testing is a testing conducted to estimate the agreement of a system or component with particular performance needs. In this load means users. In this presentation testing, there are two types of software testing. Those are a Black box and white box.
  • In this block box, there is functional and nonfunctional testing is performed in HP LoadRunner training. The nonfunctional is also known as performance testing. In this testing, you can test the performance of a system by using 6 types of testing.
  • Those are load testing, stress testing, volume testing and along with this capacity testing, reliability or recovery testing and scalability. Load testing is a kind of presentation test where the submission is tested for its show on normal and peak usage. Generally, stress training has an incremental move towards where the load is increased steadily.
  • It is used to find the ways to break the system. Volume testing is used to verify that the application is not affected by the volume of data. It is handled by the application. To meet the business volume Capacity testing is the proficient application under both normal and peak load circumstances. We are best in providing HP LoadRunner training with live projects by experts.
  • Recovery testing is used to verify whether the application is able to return back or not to its normal state. Component testing is used to whether the component is responsible for the performance issue or not. The application will be able to perform well enough over a certain period of time by Endurance Test in HP LoadRunner training.

There are a million computers set up with a million computers with million dissimilar qualifications and all of them might log in at once and keep an eye on the presentation. However, it is not possible basically. This situation is handled by the best way is Virtual User.  In this HP LoadRunner Online training, there are few tools to testing. Those are HP LoadRunner and VSTS and Load impact etc. In this for recording, you can use Vugen recording options. In this, we have covered most of the information required to build a base to move ahead and understood performance testing.


Advantages of HP LoadRunner Training:

Any presentation testing tool should be based on case-to-case foundation, depending upon the requests, customer financial plan etc.

  • No need to install it on the server under test. It uses native monitors.
  • Supports most of the protocols.
  • ANSI C is used as the default programming language and other languages like Java and VB.
  • Excellent monitoring and analysis interface.

Disadvantages of HP LoadRunner Training:

  • The protocol is just a language is used to correspond with the system to users.
  • Correlation is a way to substitute values in dynamic data to enable successful playback.

Conclusion of HP LoadRunner Training:

Global online trainings will provide best HP Loadrunner Online Training by corporate trainers. It is the best performance tool to perform the system behavior. Without testing or checking you can’t buy or try a product. So that in that case HP loadrunner Online training is used to understand the system performance. HP Loadrunner Training is very helpful to implement the continuous integration and continuous deployment. There is a huge demand for HP Loadrunner engineers and professionals. There are so many benefits to earning the HP Loadrunner certifications. HP Loadrunner career is a highly profitable career.


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