HP NNMi Training

HP NNMi-online-training

HP NNMI Training Course Introduction:

HP NNMI Training course is for network or system administrators and network engineers Networks and their applications are essential business enablers and your business simply can’t afford slowdowns. Network Node Manager i drives the performance your physical and virtual networks and efficiently scales to meet the requirements of the largest global networks.

HP NNMI Training course teaches you how to implement Network Node Manager i Software 10.x Essentials to manage small, medium, or large networked enterprises. Enroll yourself in the website or call us at the help desk for the best HP NNMI Training at Global Online Trainings by our expert trainers, based on their real time experience, which assists the students to get real time knowledge of the subject.Virtual job support extensively provides job support from India to USA students at an affordable cost.

HP NNMi online training course content

Course Overview
  • Course Objectives & Outline
  • Administration & housekeeping
  • Facilities
  • Participants’ responsibilities
  • Participant introductions
NNMi Global Network Management (GNM)
  • GNM
  • Scenarios for GNM
  • Outline different deployment scenarios for GNM
  • List prerequisites for GNM deployment
  • Relationship between GNM and i Smart Plug-ins (iSPIs)
  • GNM architecture
  • GNM for Network Node Manager i (NNMi)
Application Failover
  • NNMi application failover functionality
  • Configure application failover
  • Use cluster administration commands
Integrating NNMi, LDAP,RAMS, and NA
  • Route Analytics Management System (RAMS)
  • Network Automation (NA)
Custom Attributes
  • Add custom attributes to nodes & interfaces
  • Populate custom attributes from the CLI
Advanced Protocols IPv6 and SNMPv3
  • writing IPv6 addresses
  • NNMi supports IPv6
  • Locate & manage IPv6 and Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) devices
  • Prerequisites for deploying IPv6
  • Components and architecture of SNMPv3
  • SNMPv3 security works
  • NNMi to manage SNMPv3-enabled devices
  • Design goals for SNMPv3
  • User Interface Customization
Advanced Incident Configuration
  • Dampening
  • Payload filtering
  • Pairwise
  • Rate
  • Deduplication
  • Custom correlation
  • Causal rules
Custom Poller
  • MIB expression
  • Configure a collection policy
  • Threshold
  • CSV file
  • Use ISPi for Performance to report on your collected data
  • Managing Virtualization
NNM iSPI for QA and NNM iSPI for MPLS
  • Quality Assurance Software
  • Configure & use NNM iSPI for QA
  • Functionality of HP NNM iSPI for MPLS
  • Configure & use NNM iSPI for MPLS

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