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HP RGS Training

HP RGS Training

Introduction to HP RGS Training Course:

HP Remote Graphics Software in short called as RGS. It is an remote desktop connection protocol that delivers the high performance remote desktop user experience for the standard & graphics intensive 2D, 3D, video & media-rich applications. With the HP RGS, users can enjoy on demand access to their high performance desktop resources, irrespective of where & when they need them, over an standard LAN, WAN or  the VPN internet connection. Register for HP RGS Training at Global online Trainings and learn the l applications that run natively on the remote system & take full advantage of the compute &  hardware graphics resources of the sending system and much more.

HP RGS Online Training Course Content

RGS versions
HP RGS Overview
Features and benefits, architecture, and functionality of the product
Sender event logging on Windows
Receiver & Sender logging
Optimizing RGS performance
Pre-connection checklist
  •       local computer (Receiver) checklist
  •       Remote computer (Sender) checklist
RGS session manager
Session Manager/ Pool Management
  •       Pool Profile Settings
  •       Discovery tasks for new installations
HP-RGS Setup/De-Commissioning process
Windows 7 RGS nodes
RHEL 5*4 & 6*4 RGS nodes