Hsm Training


Hsm online training course content

Overview & Analysis of Health Systems
  • Systems Perspective on Health Care Reform
  • US Health Care System in Global Perspective
  • Development & Structure of US Health Care System
  • Analyzing Policy Options for Health System Improvement
Organization & Delivery of Care
  • Workforce
  • The Primary Care
  • The Hospitals
Sectors of the Health Care System
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Long Term Care
  • The Mental Health Care
  • The Integrative Medicine
  • Safety Net Services
System Challenges
  • Disparities in Health Care Access and Outcomes
  • Health Care Quality and Efficiency
  • Economic Analysis & Health Care Costs
Public Policy & Health Systems Development
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Health Care Reform
  • Public Health Insurance &  Uninsured
  • Implementing Health Care Reform
  • Policy Making Process
  • Federal Health Policy