Hyperion Training

Hyperion Training

Hyperion Training Introduction:

Hyperion is a Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management tool for Operational and Strategic Planning. Hyperion ESSbase is a multidimensional database management system build analytic applications. Extended spreadsheet database support two storage options will sparsely to minimize the amount of physical memory and disk space. 

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Hyperion Online Training course content:

HYPERION ESSBASE course content
Essbase Overview
Designing Applications and Databases
Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions
Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions
Developing Dimension Designs
Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files
Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files
Loading Data
Getting Started with Smart View
Creating Reports with Smart View
Hyperion Financial Reporting course content
Financial Reporting Overview
Navigating Reports in Workspace
Interacting with Reports in Workspace
Navigating Reports in Reporting Studio
Creating Basic Reports
Applying Advanced Member Selections
Customizing Grids
Formatting Cells and Grids
Creating Report Objects
Adding Text Functions
Adding Auto Calculations and Mathematical Functions
Hyperion Financial Management course content
Introduction to Financial Management
HFM Basics
Loading Metadata from a File
Configuring Accounts and Custom Dimensions
Loading Data
Creating Tasklist and Data Forms
Entering Data Using Data Grids
Creating Member Lists in Financial Management
Entering Intercompany Data
Adjusting Data with Journals
Running Consolidations and process management
Analyzing Data Using Smart View
Hyperion Financial Data Quality management course content
Product Orientation
Navigating FDM
Creating FDM Applications
Integrating Applications
Setting Up Control Tables and Locations
Setting Up Mapping Tables
Loading Data
Building Validation Rules
Setting Up Validation Entities
Processing Batch Files
Creating Logic Accounts
Loading FDM Journals
Loading Data with Multiload Files
Setting Up Security
Working with Financial Controls
Working with Import Scripts
Working with Import Integration Scripts
Working with Event Scripts

Hyperion Training Overview:

  • Hyperion Training is a Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management tool for Operational and Strategic Planning.
  • Hyperion ESSbase is a multidimensional database management system build analytic applications.
  • Extended spreadsheet database support two storage options will sparsely to minimize the amount of physical memory and disk space.
  • The database hides the implementation from front-end tools and the full hypercube can be navigated naturally and it is possible to load values into any cell interactively.
  • Calculation engine of ESSbase can specify calculations as the aggregation of values through dimensional hierarchies and dynamically calculated dimension members.
  • A key strength of Oracle ESS base lies in its ability to allow users to “write back” to an application’s data repository under security.
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Hyperion Categories:

Crystal Ball:
Oracle Crystal ball is a spreadsheet-based application suite that offers insight into critical factors affecting risk. By enrolling in Oracle Crystal Ball Training, you’ll learn how it can help you make the right decisions to achieve your business goals.

Data Relationship Management:
Data Relationship Management offers best-of-breed hierarchy management. And when used with Data Relationship Management Training, you’ll learn about its work flow integration capabilities, along with other functionality.

Disclosure Management:
With the help of Hyperion Training Disclosure Management Applications, your business can can create and control their XBRL submissions, instead of relying on third-party organizations. By investing in Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management Training, help users become familiar with this technology, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Office.

Financial Close Management:
Oracle Financial Close Management is a task management solution. Through Oracle Financial Close Management Training, learn more about its data loading, mapping and account reconciliation abilities.

Financial Data Quality Management:
As a package solution for finance users, Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management reduces data integration costs. With Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Training, learn to use its Web-based guided work flow user interface.

Hyperion Training Financial Management:
To deliver global financial consolidation, reporting and analysis, businesses rely on Hyperion Financial Management solutions. When used in conjunction with Hyperion Financial Management Training, users learn how this solution reduces closing cycles by days, which frees up more time for key analysis.

For a centralized Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution, companies look to Hyperion Planning software. By investing in Hyperion Planning Training, learn to use applications that provide an in depth look at business operations and the related impact on financials.

Profitability Management:
Oracle Profitability Management for Financial Services is designed for banks and other financial institutions. By taking Oracle Profitability Management Training, learn how this solution helps develop business strategies and manage customer relationships.

Public Sector Planning and Budgeting:
Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting enables public sector, healthcare, and higher education organizations to simplify budget preparation, review and approval, publication and disclosure processes. Through Oracle Hyperion Training Public Sector Planning and Budgeting Training, learn how this solution can produce production-quality budget books in various formats and more.

Smart View:
With Oracle Hyperion Smart View solutions, business users can view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint interfaces. With Hyperion Training Smart View Training, learn how this solution can help with ad hoc or free form analysis, predefined form interaction, report design and more.

Strategic Finance:
Hyperion Training Strategic Finance helps users quickly model and evaluate financial scenarios. When used with Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance Training, learn how to use this solution to set targets, conduct speedy financial impact analysis, present focused financial information and more.

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