Ibm Cast Iron Configuration-online-training

Ibm Cast Iron Configuration Course Content

  • Introduction to  IBM WebSphere Cast Iron
  • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Studio
  • Web Management Console
  • Exercise: Build an orchestration using HTTP activities
  • Variables & data transformation
  • Exercise: Using mapping functions
  • Testing project components
  • Exercise: Testing project component
  • Outbound database activities
  • Exercise: Performing the single table database operations
  • activities
  • Exercise: Using the connector
  • Utility & logic activities
  • Exercise: Using the logic activities with SaaS
  • Exercise: Using the logic activities with an XML file
  • Data quality activities
  • Exercise: Enrichment of Data
  • Invoking web services
  • Exercise: Invoking stock quote web services
  • Providing the web services
  • Exercise: Providing a web service
  • Flat file processing
  • Exercise: Load the accounts from a flat file into the database
  • Inbound database activities
  • Exercise: Sending email notifications for database changes
  • Template the integration projects
  • Course summary