IBM CICS training

IBM CICS Training

Introduction to IBM CICS training:

IBM CICS training in this CICS stands for customer information control system. IBM CICS was introduced by IBM in 1968 by IBM mainframes and CICS is also called as online transaction processing software (OLTP). The mainframe training is divided into two things like batch process and online process. Here batch is working completely on a JCL job controlling language in the COBOL part. Batch might take some hours or minutes to run a particular job to produce results whereas online will not take the time to get the result here you will be provided the screen here we just need to provide details once after entering the details we get the results back immediately. Global online trainings will provide IBM CICS V5 fundamentals online training by our subject matter experts and also provide documents for IBM CICS training which are prepared by our top professionals.

Mode of Training: We provide the Online mode of training and also provide corporate, virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for IBM CICS training.

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Trainer Experience: 15+ years.

IBM CICS training course content


Overview of IBM CICS training:

  • Initially MVS was used only for batch operation where we can execute only batch program. As the days went on customer wants to get quicker results and in faster time and from there IBM CICS training came in to picture and it is called as online information processing system.
  • Here first IBM CICS training concept was used by airlines and banking industries and now it is used for many other business purposes like financial sector, retail sector, railways and various other reservations like bigger malls. 
  • Here the similarity between batch and online is batch jobs are programmed on a everyday or weekly or once-a-month at a exact period besides the operator communication is not likely and also programs starts, procedures all accounts and ends without user communication for example payroll and inventory control schemes.
  • Here in the Online jobs submitted are executed immediately and the user interaction is not possible and the transactions or programs are loaded to give an instant result. Here no jobs are submitted that means that means transactions are initiated so that here there will be more about transaction, transaction maps and the performance measure is response time where it was used in banking systems and airlines etc. Our trainers will provide in depth knowledge on IBM CICS training.
  • In IBM mainframe training mainframe is nothing but a huge size supercomputer which is used for high processing. It is made up of the frames and all frames put composed is known as the mainframe. Mainframes are produced by so many companies like HP, IBM. IBM produces a large volume of mainframe computers.
CICS IBM supplied transaction:

If we want to login to our CICS system we have to type CESN on the corner on the screen then it will open login page where we should enter user id and password so this is about the CESN command that it stands for CICS execution sign on. IBM CICS transaction server gives the speed, reliability and the value of transaction server with a onetime charge price model.Global online training’s will provide best IBM CICS training by our experts and also provide documents for IBM CICS V5 fundamentals online training 

CICS in-built transactions :

CICS inbuilt transactions


It is mainly used by CICS organization officers to define CICS table accesses and other admin actions. CEDA stands for CICS execution dynamic allocation.


It stands for CICS execution command interpreter. It is used to check the composition of the command whether the syntax is correctly entered or not. Many operations can be performed by using the CECI command. Here we need to type the CECI and enter it will give a set of options and with that option we can select anything for example we want to send map on to the screen just u select send then after type selecting send it will give you various options like map then again it will ask us map set so in this way it is very user friendly.


It stands for CISC execution master terminal this is a significant operation that we are using. This operation is used to investigate and appraise the position of CICS situations besides also used aimed at additional scheme operations. Here we can operate connections, responsibilities, collections, platforms.


It stands for CICS execution diagnostic facility this offer cooperative restoring of the package when we are performing step wise and therefore simply path mistakes or difficulties easily. There may be a many debugging tool but CICS IBM providing an inbuilt debugging tool that is titled as CEDF so we can straight debug our program step by step by just typing CEDF and click enter key so that it will ask for operation from here it will go to tables programs so on etc.


CMAC gives the clarification besides details for CICS abend programmes.


It is CICS execution sign off besides used to sign off from CICS region.

JAVA in IBM CICS training:
  • Java on IBM Z systems is fast becoming the language of choice for enterprise applications known for its large community of engineers. Java has proven itself a dependable feature rich and versatile language.
  • Developing with java can to high quality solutions that are both modular and extensible and more specialized processors can reduce costs when running the java workload on Z systems as the leading mixed language application server kicks provide us with an enterprise grade Java environment. With java rate supported across all releases of CICS TS version 5.
  • Through embedding IBM WebSphere liberty we bring java enterprise edition 7 full platform capabilities in to CICS this enables you to write once deploy anywhere  the easy of developing Java applications allows us to quickly create new services to meet the needs of the business was the isolation provided by IBM CICS training ensures the integrity of our established mission critical solutions.
  • Running java in CICS training gives the opportunity to further exploit existing investments rather than just start from scratch and take advantage of the reduced latency from collocation as well as the inherent power of the platform to ensure optimal response times.
  • Liberty server in CICS the user id of CICS region where the liberty server will be hosted will need access to couple of ZFS artifacts. We need to read and execute access to a directory where our JVM profile can be found and read write and execute to a working directory where logs will be written.
  •  JVM profile is quite simple there are couple of configuration settings that are required for valid JVM and CICS java home to point where JAVA is installed and work_dir for where we want to write logs. Liberty then require extra settings where liberty is installed a flag to enable auto configure and a port number. Global online training’s provide the courses related to IBM CICS training like Mainframe testing, IBM mainframe training for more information please register with our website.
IBM CICS training configuration manager:     
  • Web and mobile applications place new demands on back end supporting systems traditional system needs to interface with new artifacts web service bind files, web service definition language files, Java language OSGI bundles and policy files that assist autonomic computing applications and platforms.
  • IBM CICS training is a multi-language transaction processor exploits these new artifacts along with traditional resource definitions. Traditional resources reside in the CSD or CPSM repositories. The new artifacts reside in the z/OS UNIX file system known as the ZFS The challenge for IBM CICS training systems administrators and change managers is how to control both traditional CICS resources and artifacts in the ZFS system.
  • When implementing changes from development to tests and to production. IBM CICS training configuration manager is the solution. CICS configuration manager supports both traditional CICS training resource definitions found in CSD and CPSM bars and files in the CFS.
  • IBM CICS training configuration manager allows specifying directories in the ZFS that are intended for CICS development, tests or production files. Identify files or directories of interest then using IBM CICS training configuration manager we can copy this from our ZFS development to test or to other environments. Backups are automatically collected so we can reverse any unwanted changes ZFS changes can be collected in to change packages alongside CSD or CICS plexus and bounce changes.
  • In mainframes testing testers have to test the application manually using mainframe system and it does not require any programming language in QA. Mainframe testers do not require to learn the languages like COBOL, ASSEMBLER and they work manually on JCL, DB2, CICS online screens.
  • With single command the collective of changes can be migrated with coordination delivery in to the target ZFS environment. CSD and CPSM context in the one request the entire change package can be packed out across the ZES, CSDs and CPSM. If problem arise we can recover individual components including those in the ZFS. Global online training’s offer both online training’s and also corporate training’s for the individuals at flexible hours.     

Conclusion for IBM CICS training:

IBM CICS Configuration Manager is a tool for managing and conserving CICS source descriptions. It offers review, broadcasting and lifecycle conversion managing controller amenities to maintenance the build, managing and positioning of composite processor CICS applications.

The average salary of software engineer with IBM CICS skills is Rs 6, 94,111 per year. A program is used by CICS to process an entire transaction, or part of a transaction. Programs are stored in the program library. Global online traiings provide best online training and corporate training by top industry trainers we also provide project for the course with reasonable price at flexible timings.

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