IBM Cognos Integration Server training

IBM Cognos Integration Server training

Introduction to IBM Cognos Integration Server training:

IBM Cognos Integration Server training at Global online trainingsWhat Cognos integration server is? It is a data bridge supporting automated high speed data extraction. It deals with both metadata and data and really it’s a sauce into those more unstructured common types of financial data sources such as also Oracle, HFM, TM on itself can be a sauce. Some of the common RDMS databases DB2, SQLServer, Oracle and SAP BW. Data is extracted from those sources and can be targeted into either a relational database, flat files, SAP are of most interest and IBM TM1 or what is now known as planning analytics. Global online trainings is best in providing Cognos Integration corporate training by real time experts at flexible timings.

Overview of IBM Cognos Integration Server training:

  • We are going to walk through a five step process and see a simple example of taking data from Oracle Hyperion Financial management in to TM1 or planning analytics. First of all we need to start the service and to do this we are going to use the tool called IBM Cognos command center. We provide best IBM Cognos Integration Server Corporate training by professionals.
  • In IBM Cognos command center go to application admin Hyperion and under processes u have start Hyperion services. So start this processor and what it is going to do is it’s going to run through and start a number of services on your windows machine which are required for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management training to be up and running.
  • So starting number of windows services and then in order to allow them to all get to a certain point and catch up. There is a sleep session here and then one of features of Cognos command sensor is that we can run things in parallel.
  • So once all their foundation services are start,We then going to start some of individual sets of services in parallel and when all this is finished, Hyperion system will be up and ready to go. You can track the process here. We are waiting for everything to start. Are you interested in doing certifications? Global online trainings is rich in providing IBM Cognos Integration Server  training by online experts with live projects.

Now you see services running in parallel and finally everything is completed and we have checked to make sure the service is listening and all looks good to go. Now let’s move to Cognos Integration server, First of all we are going to use connection manager, we are going to create the source connection to HFM and we are going to create the target connection to TM1. Having done that we are going to make a selection and that means define in our point of view for the data extraction. So that’s the information we want to take out of HFM and we are going to map that to where we want to put it within TM1.


Features of IBM Cognos Integration Server training:                                                                                IBM Cognos Integration Server training
  • How we control both metadata and data? By using a selection manager .Well, the Save and run the selection, we will have the look at the results and then we are going to flip back to Cognos Command centre and will show you  how that can be automated and scheduled? Our consultants are highly skilled at IBM Cognos Integration Server Corporate training.
  • We start with a clean Cognos TM1 training instance called HFM demo, here you will see cognos integration server,  In management UI console the first place we are going to start is the connection manager because you need to define new source connection which is going to be Oracle HFM and need to define the target connection where you are going to put the data which is going to be IBM Cognos TM1 learning analytics.
  • The goal is to define first the source connection, choose Oracle Hyperion financial management and define the target connection, target in Cognos TM1. So we defined our two connections that is the step one to complete.
  • Now define the selection or point of view, to do this in cognos integration server we go to selection manager and again create a new selection. Now this is going to be a selection from HFM. Now you can see the dimensionality of HFM application and it’s time to select which dimensions.

In our data point of view it’s when we build the selection that we say what we happen to the cubes into m1 to the Meta data and want to happen during the data extraction. The option here will be dependent on the source and target data types that you choose so this is obviously HFM to TM1. Are you interested in learning advance topics on this course? We provide best IBM Cognos Integration Server Corporate training by experts from India.


Conclusion of IBM Cognos Integration Server training:

Want to know the best part? In terms of metadata yes you want to extract the metadata particular. Since this is the first run and in terms of data options you can extract the data precision of 2 decimal places is fine. Normally what we do is we would build a couple of different selections and we would separate metadata management from data management typically because the data process is what we are going to run most frequently and maybe metadata is updated on a less frequent basis. There are lots of opportunities in the market for Cognos Integration online training. Join in Global online trainings for best Cognos Integration corporate training by real time experts.

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IBM Cognos Integration Server training