IBM ILOG Training Course Content

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to business rules
  • Introduction to IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules
  • Walkthrough: JRules in action
  • Designing  the business rule project
  • Exercise: Designing the  business rule project
  • Developing business object model
  • Exercise: Developing the business object model
  • Orchestrating the rule execution
  • Exercise: Orchestrating the rule execution
  • Authoring rules
  • Exercise: Rules  Authoring
  • Reviewing rules
  • Exercise: Reviewing rules
  • Debugging rules
  • Exercise: Debugging rules
  • Enabling the business rule management
  • Exercise: Enabling business rule management
  • Integrating the rules with an embedded rule engine
  • Deploying the rules to Rule Execution Server
  • Exercise: Deploying rules to Rule Execution Server
  • Executing the rules with Rule Execution Server
  • Exercise: Executing rules with Rule Execution Server
  • Working with XML
  • Customizing Authoring
  • Setting up the Rule Team Server
  • Understanding rule execution strategies
  • Rule governance
  • Course summary