IBM Informix training

IBM Informix training Introduction:

The IBM Informix server supports an object-relational model that provides data type support & language extensions that permit performance of domain specific queries & efficient storage for the datasets. IBM Informix 12.10  was code-named “Centaurus” during development of enhanced built-in index compression, integration of JSON collections & permitting database objects to be partitioned across multiple servers in a grid. IBM Informix Training increase advanced Informix performance tuning skills of the student.

IBM Informix online course content:

1. Introduction to Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Terminology
  • Define basic Informix Dynamic Server terms
  • Query the sysmaster database for information about the server
3. Managing Disk Space
  • Physical Units
  • Logical Units
5. Monitor/Manage Database Server Activity using Tools
  • onstat
  • onmode
  • oncheck
  • onparams
  • onmonitor
  • oninit
7. Database Logging
  • Physical Logging
  • Logical Logging
  • Lock Management
9. Altering and Deleting Databases and Tables
  • Drop a database and Drop a table
  • Alter a table
  • Convert a simple large object to a smart large object
2. IDS Installation & Setup
  • Identify the right product
  • Extract & Install the IDS product
  • Setup raw chunks for space
  • Setup Environment
4. Shared Memory
  • Resident portion
  • Virtual portion
  • Message portion
6. Data Migration Tools
  • load/unload
  • dbexport/dbimport
  • onunload/onload
  • dbschema
  • Checkpoints
  • Finder Utility
  • Update Statistics
  • Set Explain
8.IDS Data Types
  • Identify the Informix data types
  • Choose the appropriate data type for a data column
  • Creating Databases and Tables
  • Create databases and tables
  • Determine database logging and storage requirements
10. Managing and Maintaining Indexes
  • Explain the benefits of indexing
  • Evaluate the costs involved when indexing
  • Explain the maintenance necessary with indexes
  • Describe effective management of indexes
  • Enable or disable indexes

Why IBM Informix training?

  • Global online trainings are specialized in Informix training where students get to enhance skills to create index strategies so as to improve performance, implement referential and entity integrity, manage user end concurrency and triggers. The sessions are designed with the interactive explanation of examples of real-time scenarios by proficient and certified experts followed by regular exercises
  • Enroll with Global Online Trainings for best IBM Informix training. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online IBM Informix course contact reach at helpdesk of Global Online Trainings today

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