Introduction of IBM Lotus Notes Training:

IBM Lotus Notes Training is also known as Groupware Product. Groupware means it is a technology that makes groups of people and individuals to work together and split the information and knowledge in spite of geographic boundaries and time restrictions. This is also known as Enterprise Wide Information Management System. The best lotus notes training by global online trainings. We are providing the best IBM Lotus Notes training at a reasonable price with practical knowledge. Our Global online training is one of the famous online training in India. Our trainers are most experienced on IBM Lotus Notes training. The trainers are available for students around the clock to solve their doubts on IBM Lotus Notes. Before going to the IBM Lotus Notes course, Let’s have a look at the basics of IBM Lotus Notes training.

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Overview of IBM Lotus Notes Training:

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Lotus Domino:

Lotus Domino is an integrated messaging and web application software platform. By using Lotus notes, Lotus Domino application makes people to share, gather, track and organize information.

Main components of Lotus Domino are:

  • Lotus Domino Server: This is used for enterprise e-mail, messaging, scheduling and collaboration.
  • Lotus Notes Client: It is a desktop application that organizes and displays databases on a user’s local workstation. The physical database files can be stored either on the workstation or on a server.
  • Domino Designer: Domino Designer is an integrated application development environment that helps the developers and web site designers for creating, for managing and for deploying secure and interactive applications.
  • Domino Administrator: This is known as system administrator’s client.

Types of Servers:

Domino servers are of three types. They are

  • Domino Mail Server
  • Domino application server or Utility Server
  • Enterprise Server

DOMINO 8.5 Designer:

By using Lotus Domino Designer, developers can create applications to reach the business requirements.

  • For routing the information workflow application is used.
  • It is used for tracking the application.
  • Collaboration applications are used to create a forum for discussion and collaboration.
  • Data integration applications work with relational databases and transactional systems.
  • For content based, Dynamic application is used.
  • For translating Lotus Domino databases and websites, “Localization and Management applications” is used.

Features of IBM Lotus Notes:

  • By using the robust security features we can minimize the impact of computer viruses.
  • Users can use the full-text search, filtering mails and sorting mails.
  • To manage users inboxes more effectively IBM Lotus notes is used.

Downloading the Lotus Mobile Installer on Android mobile device:

To download the Lotus mobile installer we should follow the following steps

  • Step1: Turn on the mobile device
  • Step2: Launch the browser program from the device
  • Step3: Launch Lotus Notes Traveler user home page by specifying the URL – http://hostname/servlet/traveler.
  • Step4: Select an IBM Lotus Mobile Installer
  • Step5: Choose Android option
  • Step6: Transfer the file to the mobile device and open it.

IBM Lotus iNotes :

  • Lotus iNotes is one of the web based version of Lotus Notes client.
  • IBM Lotus iNotes provides a browser based access to users to their contacts, mails and calendar.
  • IBM Lotus iNotes combine with Lotus Domino to perform the operations on both online and offline client interface.
  • IBM Lotus iNotes has full offline support for integrating instant messaging.

Modes of Lotus iNotes in IBM Lotus Notes Training:

There are three modes of Lotus iNotes. They are

  • Full mode: Full mode is used for accessing all the features of iNotes. Full mode has collaboration tools that are integrated for environments that provide broadband connections.
  • Light mode: The modules of light mode are mail, contacts and calendar. Light modes can work even in less bandwidth.
  • Ultra-light mode: We can use Ultra-light mode with mobile devices or on desktop.

ACL access:

  • ACL access stands for Access Control List.
  • The different types of Access Control List are Manager Access, Designer access, Editor Access, Author access, Reader access, Depositor access, No access.
  • Manager access: Manager Access can create the database for deleting, encrypting and compact the documents.
  • Designer access: Designer access can design the elements like forms, views.
  • Editor access: Editor Access is used for creating, reading and modifying the document and we can also delete the document by using manager access.
  • Author access: In Author access, if author is the owner of the document than he can read the document and delete the document.
  • Read access: Read access is used only for reading the documents in a database but it is not used to create the documents or edit the documents or delete the documents.
  • Depositor access: In Depositor access we can only create the documents but we cannot view any documents in the database including the user who created the documents.
  • No access: No access will prevent a user from accessing the database.

Lotus Notes Database:

  • Lotus Notes database is a multi-value database system.
  • It supports to persist multiple values in items.
  • Lotus Notes database files and RDBMS files both are different because the lotus notes database is document-centric.

 Lotus Notes Database elements:

In Lotus notes database, there are four elements. They are

  1. Data:
  • Data is saved in notes as a set of records.
  • Every record is called as a document.
  • A document or records consist of fields of various formats.
  1. Design:
  • We use different design elements to store data in database.
  • We can see designed elements in a database by using Notes client or web browser.
  • We can use forms to access and modify records.
  1. Code:
  • In a database, we can do data manipulations by using different types of codes.
  • A lotus note has a native support for both formula language and scripting language.
  • On design elements, we can place our code directly like Forms and views.


  • Lotus Notes provide a security level called Access Control List.
  • Access Control List allows the DBA/ designers to fine tune the user’s transactions in the database.
  • Users are allowed to have access changes in database.

Learn about Hadoop tool in our IBM Lotus Notes training:

  • Hadoop is one of the best IBM Lotus Notes tool in market. 
  • Hadoop is known as a framework of tools and we cannot download Hadoop software.
  • This Hadoop software is used for objective of tools and helps in running of the applications.
  • Hadoop training is provided by Global Online Trainings in which you can learn complete course from basics to advanced level topics.

Learn about Salesforce tool in our IBM Lotus Notes training:

  • Salesforce is one of the most popular IBM Lotus Notes tool.
  • Salesforce is also known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • All salesforce products work in cloud. So there is no need to maintain and there is no need invest money, employees can work from anywhere and from any device.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used by small business as well as large business. So the sales cloud is the world’s no 1 CRM system.
  • CRM is also called as Customer Success platform.
  • Salesforce training is also offered by Global Online Trainings where we can learn from basics to a advanced level.

Learn about CISCO tool in our IBM Lotus Notes training:

  • CISCO is one of the IBM Lotus Notes tool 
  • In the networking environment CISCO plays a very important role.
  • Networking CISCO provides many products and it also provides certification for the networking engineers.
  • CCNA means for Cisco Certified Network Associate and this is a certification for networking engineers.
  • Global Online Training provides the best quality CISCO training at a reasonable price.

Conclusion of IBM Lotus Notes training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best IBM Lotus Notes training by corporate trainers. IBM Lotus Notes online training helps you to learn the different IBM Lotus Notes tools easily. By using IBM Lotus Notes, we can perform various business functions quickly through collaborative business applications.Get high quality IBM Lotus Notes  training at Global Online Trainings. 

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