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IBM Maximo Training

IBM Maximo Training

IBM Maximo Training Introduction:

IBM Maximo Training introduces the powerful features and functionality available, IBM Maximo Training Asset Management by IBM combines advantage management by means of protection administration. From a single system, companies can observe and handle the full life cycle of their project assets, together with facilities, communications, transportation, production, infrastructure and more. This centralized functionality ensures that user have visibility and manage of asset situation and process while rising output and lowering downtime. IBM Maximo Online Training by Global Online Trainings is coordinated by best qualified professionals who are not only experienced they are known as industry experts with excellent exposure in completion of industry appraised projects in the same domain. 


  • For better understanding of IBM Maximo training you need to know about Tableau, Cognos Analytics.
  • Before learning IBM Maximo Training should have basic knowledge on the  BIRT.

IBM Maximo Online Training Course Content

Overview of IBM Maximo Asset Management
  • Asset Management
  • Framework Overview
  • Business Requirements Overview
Core Data Setup & Configuration
  • Data Setup Overview
  • Entering & Configuring Organizations and Sites
  • Defining & Organizing the Classification Hierarchy
  • Defining & Entering Locations & Location Hierarchies
  • Entering & Registering Labor & Users
Item & Asset Planning & Setup
  • Item & Asset Setup Overview
  • Defining & Setting Up Item & Asset Configurations
  • Entering Assets
  • Associating and Configuring Supporting Asset Data
  • Tracking, Performance Metrics & Reports
  • Procurement Process & Setup Overview
  • Requisitioning
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receiving
  • Invoice Reconciliations
  • Tracking, Performance Metrics & Reports
Work Management
  • Work Management Process & Setup Overview
  • Setting Up the Job Plan Templates
  • Setting Up the Scheduled or Routine Maintenance Activities
  • Creating & Generating Tickets & Work Orders
  • Planning Work
  • Scheduling Work
  • Assigning & Dispatching Work
  • Work Completion & Reporting
  • Tracking, Performance Metrics & Reports

Overview of IBM Maximo Training:

The installation of Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2 using an IBM DB2 database and an Android mobile device. Before installing anywhere you should verify that you have an operational IBM Maximo Training Asset Management 7.6 system installed that is running and accessible. The Maximo admin workstation is the machine that contains and manages the corresponding C://IBM/SMP directory structure for your Maximo environment. There are a number of deployment topologies that can be used when installing Maximo anywhere on the MobileFirst server.

In the instance that goes through using single server deployment where, Maximo Anywhere and MobileFirst are installed on the same computer. This is designated as the MobileFirst server. My existing Maximo 7.6 environment on my admin workstation is running Windows 2012 server, Oracle 12C database and WebSphere. We explain Maximo anywhere, prerequisites and some administration tasks.

ISAM’s Federated User Registry & Basic User:

The embedded registry is now extremely accessible in a environment. Embedded registry can be use for storing ISAM metadata for remote users and outline. There is no schema or ISAM metadata and wants to be stored on any federated registry. Enables native support for Microsoft Active Directory with no schema updates and no admin privilege required. The fresh fundamental User type introduced that doesn’t need the user to be imported and or have a secUser LDAP thing. The appliance pointing at it because the appliance is no longer on a Window platform and to do that some of the windows api’s are necessary.

IBM Tivoli access manager: Target Environment – IBM Maximo Training:

  • IBM Tivoli access manager In this environment there have one target application or the service provider that we will be single signing on this, the demonstration we will use Salesforce as a service provider.
  • ISAM is the Docker environment will be acting as the identity provider in the use case. The ISAM include three containers one is Configuration Container which hold’s all the configuration data, the web reverse proxy container or the Web C container that facilities authentication in this use case.
  • ISAM runtime container that hosts the Federation capability and in our case this will be the one that process all the SAML messages.
  • We also have a couple of external containers similar to the user registry container, this used by the epsilons reverse proxy container for authentication.
  • The runtime database container which is used by the learn time container for storing information.
  • The configuration volume is where all the configurations are stored and that will be fetched by the web seal and runtime containers.
  • The putting all this together when the user wants to access a Sales force page, he will be redirected to the identity provider that is the ISAM.
  • The ISAM authenticates the user and then is the authentication register to the target application.

Contract Management in IBM Maximo Training:

A contract is an agreement entered in voluntarily by two or added parties, in which there is a promise to do rather in return for a expensive advantage knows as consideration. The contract module in maximo manages are process, payments schedules, service level agreements, and terms and conditions associated with contracts and revisions.

-Maximo can manage the following types of contracts:






-Labor Rate


Contract Applications – IBM Maximo Training:

The different types of applications that are related to the contract module, the first one is

Mater contract – This is a way for it have contract with a vendor that’s providing multiple services, there different sites or different types of services. We can define that relationship identify the child the parent-child hierarchy with that master contract.

Purchase Contract – Detail items and the services at specific terms. Blanket, Price, or Purchase Types.

Labor Rate Contract – Labor rate contract specific services, Manages labor rates, Rates by craft, skill or labor and reference for planned work, Liability terms.

Lease/Rental Contract – these are around rotating asset, Governs rotating asset movement, Payment Schedules, EX Motors alerts

Warranty Contract – Asset maintenance agreement, Payment schedule, service contract, links to assets, Maintenance alerts.

When to use a IBM Maximo Contract:

The IBM maximo Training contract we use a maximal contract so labor rate agreements for out sourced trades. Mastro services agreements it going away from the trade’s aspects and some professional services for IT consulting or business consulting it may be environmental services. Pricing agreements for inventory items if done the some analysis on your spend in warehouse and you are identified your buying things from multiple vendors and you want to consolidate all that. Fleet leases we mentioned rental equipment we talked about new construction, so we do have facility to create payment schedule

IBM Maximo Training Work Centers:

Maximo work centers were added to maximal, so we need for this and as of that six pack level no feature pack ;evel rather they were added to maximal. They are included with maximum so the work centers going to be discussing. There no additional licenses required and they are part of your maximo application. Released incrementally with capability every feature pack. It is accessed via separate link (“maximo-x”). Modren, responsive web design UI and runs on Desktops, tablets, smart phones, etc. KPI- driven, built-in integration with Watson. It is basically KPI driven it also built-in integration with Watson and Watson analytics. The work-centers take a very Role- based approach.

Tableau with IBM Maximo Training:

  • Tableau empowers everyone to see and understand their data, its business intelligence for your entire organization. The explore and analyze data in seconds just drag and drop to discover trends and outliers.
  • Connect the data you care about whether it’s a spreadsheet database or big data access data warehouses cloud applications and cloud databases. It is easily combine data from multiple sources in a few clicks; tableau brings your data together in one simple view. Start by analyzing your data in tableau desktop.
  • Its design to work naturally with the way to think ask questions, change your perspective and reveal deeper meaning. Transform your data into powerful interactive dashboards; securely share your data and dashboards tableau online or tableau server.
  • So everyone in your organization can ask and answer their own questions right from a browser tablet or phone. Whether you want a fully hosted solution like tableau online or to manage your own tableau server on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Everyone in your organization can access data and dashboards to explore and find their own insights in a trusted and secure environment. Tableau management tools give you control over everything from user permissions to data source connectivity and the visibility you need to support your deployment. Tableaus see and understand your data.

Cognos Analytics – IBM Maximo Training:

The Most Organizations have analytics users with varying skill sets. it needs and it takes a comprehensive approach analytics to satisfy that large variety of users. When a user wants to find the reports or dashboards that relate to that topic. The latest update new in reporting in IBM Cognos Analytical 11.0.7