IBM Message Broker Admin Training

IBM Message Broker Admin-online-training

IBM Message Broker Admin Training Introduction:

IBM Message Broker Admin Online training Course Content

  • Introduction to Course
  • WebSphere Message Broker overview
  • Product installation, configuration & security planning
  • Exercise: WebSphere Message Broker setup & customization
  • Using the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit
  • Exercise: Using the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit
  • Configuring & administering the broker
  • Exercise: Administering the broker runtime components
  • Implementing the WebSphere Message Broker security
  • Exercise: Administering broker security
  • Monitoring & problem determination
  • Exercise: Using trace facilities
  • Exercise: Identifying runtime problems
  • Monitoring broker & message flow performance
  • Publish/subscribe implementation overview
  • Exercise: Accessing broker statistics & configuring publication subscriptions
  • Administrate the web services & JMS
  • Exercise: Implementing web services & web services security
  • Extending the WebSphere Message Broker
  • Exercise: Implementing a user-defined extension
  • Configuring the WebSphere Message Broker for high availability
  • Course summary