IBM Optim Data Masking Training

IBM Optim Data Masking-online-training

IBM Optim Data Masking online training course content

Introduction to the IBM Optim Solutions
  1. Optim Directory
  2. Introduction to the Test Data Management
  3. Extract  Data
  4. Create the Database Objects
  5. Masking Techniques
  6. Use Compare to Validate Changes
Populate Destination Tables
  1. Retry or Restart the  Optim Process
  2. Edit & Browse Test Data
  3. Optim Primary Keys & Relationships
  4. Relationship Traversal
  5. Export &  Import Optim Directory Objects
  6. Optim &  Legacy Data
  7. The Batch Utilities
  8. Optim Security
  9. The Performance Considerations
  10. The Special Masking Functions