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Ibm Optim Training

IBM optim training

IBM Optim Training Introduction :

IBM Optim Training helps the trainee to test Data Management optimizes and automates the test data management process. Prebuilt workflows & services on demand smooth the progress of continuous testing and agile software development. IBM infosphere optim training Data Management helps development and testing teams use realistic, right-sized test databases and data warehouses to gather speed up application development.


                                    With the latest release of Infosphere Optim Training Data Management now holds hadoop as a test data landing zone turning clients to manage their test data with even more speed at a lower cost. To know more enroll your participation and enhance individual skills.

SAP Optim Online Training Course Content

Module 1:
  • Introduction
  • Overview on  IBM Optim Solutions
  • The Optim Common Elements
  • Review of  the Virtual Machines
  • Introduction to the Test Data Management
  • Getting Started with Optim Designer &  Optim Manager
  • Extract of the Source Data
  • Generate, Mask, &  Transform Data using Basic Masking Functions
  • Verify Transformations Using the Compare Process
Module 2:
  • Creating The Database Objects
  • Populate the Destination Tables
  • Stand-alone-Optim Manager
  • Edit &  Browse Test Data
  • Optim Primary Keys &  Relationships
  • Relationship  Of Traversal Concepts
  •  Command Line Interface
  • The Special Masking Functions