IBM rational build forge training

IBM rational build forge training Introduction

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Build forge online course content

1 : Introduction to the Build Forge system
  • Creating a Build Forge Project – Environments, Projects, & Steps
  • Configuring a Build Forge Project – Servers, Selectors & Collectors
  • Optimizing a Build Forge Project – Threading & Chaining
  • Build Forge Adaptors
  • Executing a Build Forge Project – Results, Scheduling, & the BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Build Forge IDE Plug-Ins
  • Appendix: Quick Report at Reporting
3 : Creating and using
  • Rational Build Forge libraries
  • library Creating
  • Copying a project
  • Inlining a library
  • Using a library as part of a pass or fail chain
5 : Using log filters
  • In Rational Build Forge for Ant builds
  • Creating a log filter
  • Using a log filter in a project
7 : Creating, running, and scheduling a Rational Build Forge project
  • Creating a server authentication
  • Creating a server & selector
  • project Creating
  • The project Running
  • Scheduling a project
2 : Rational Build
  • Forge administration: Controlling user access
  • Creating access & users groups
  • Creating a user
  • Creating an access group for notifications
  • Creating an access group for editing projects
  • Using subgroups to set up hierarchical access
  • Creating access groups
  • Editing access groups to specify subgroup relationships
4 : Environment
  • Variables in Rational Build Forge
  • Creating an environment with standard variables
  • Running a project with different environment settings
  • Pulldown environment variables
  • Running a project with pulldown environment variables
6 : Dot commands in Rational Build Forge
  • The retag command with Changing build tags
  • The date command with Accessing system information
  • The put and get commands with Moving files
  • With the best command Changing a selector
  • With the export command Exporting a project
  • Using an environment variable in a source command

Why IBM rational build forge training ? 

  • This training provides an overview of build management processes
  • Using IBM Rational Build Forge An introduction to managing & creating the build process.
  • These products support major development languages, tools, scripts & platforms & integrate into your current environment.