IBM RFT Training

IBM RFT Training

IBM RFT Training Introduction:

IBM RFT Training at Global Online Trainings- IBM RFT means IBM rational functional tester. It is not a freeware or open source. RFT is a commercial tool provided by IBM.RFT enables you to automate the testing for a wide array of applications on various platforms. Rft allows us a great amount of flexibility in testing terminal applications including the ability to share the test objects and verification points across our testing efforts. RFT is used to identify record and verify objects in terminal based applications. Using this extension we can easily record, execute, manage and integrate functional tests.

IBM Rational functional Tester Online Training is rendered by the subject matter experts with industry updates. Classes are available for both individual and also corporate batches on demand. For more details about IBM RFT Training, contact our help desk.Virtual job support provides project support by senior consultants at flexible timings.


Prerequisites to learn IBM RFT Training:

To learn IBM RFT Training at Global Online Trainings the person must have

  • Knowledge in manual testing, automation testing of applications.
  • Basic Java (Core Java) programming knowledge.
  • Net programming knowledge.
  • IBM db2, SQL, JDBC knowledge is required to place database verification points.


IBM RFT Training Course Content


IBM RFT Training Overview:

To create the automated test, we have some basic steps.

  • In IBM RFT Training, the first step is record. In this step the user action will be captured.
  • Second step is enhancing. It is not a mandatory step. But, majority of times it is used or practiced by the testers to make the test more robust and resilient and easy to maintain.
  • The last step is the execution .Where-in; the tool simulates the user actions that they perform during the time of recording in the execution.
  • The report results are also an important step. Because without reporting results, i.e., whether the test has been passed or failed just by executing the test doesn’t help.
  • It is necessary to have a proper data about it. So that you can conform the quality of the application that you are delivering to your customer.
  • Supporting the scripts RTF allows customers to decouple the scripts from the script shell. This happens with the help of data pools.
  • The data pools allow customers to store the data using the scripts and it keeps the data separate from the automated tools. Thus it allows data to be used by the same script to test different conditions.
  • Reusable Test scripts can be created in rational functional tester. Reusable test scripts are sometimes called as keywords.
  • Keywords can be seen by all testers and can be used to build new scripts. So it is the way to increase the productivity. Thus we can develop our test much faster.
  • We also provide IBM RTRT Training .Where IBM RTRT means IBM Rational Test real time. Those who want to explore the power of the using IBM Rational Functional Tester they must have knowledge on IBM RTRT Training.

IBM Rational Test Real Time (RTRT) Training is helpful for test creation, dynamic analysis and to set up a target for test, by user. In Embedded software RTRT is mostly suitable for analyzing run time and testing components with the help of coding languages like JAVA, C, C++. We can establish some key features which will be beneficial for us after IBM RTRT Training. It also helps to learn IBM RFT Training.

For automation process and software organizations or enterprises, IBM RTRT is needed. It also has Importance for various software based equipment, making inter connection between embedded systems etc.,

IBM RTRT Training is helpful in answering various queries and doubts about cross development environment. IBM’s rational software helps to develop capability in software organizations. Students can have knowledge about on demand rational software tools and services which are more responsive, resilient and focused depend on operational system.

In this IBM RTRT Training, our trainers will provide various live projects with most advanced features. RTRT is a target placed software technology with versatile run time analysis. The main benefits of this course are providing transport test building, run time analysis results, monitoring powerful text to start, synchronize and execute test harness components.

In IBM RTRT Training at Global Online Trainings, you will learn real time automation software, development and analyzing capabilities.

Installation process- IBM RFT Training

While installing RFT, it will ask you which type of scripting you are selecting. So if you use the java scripting, it will support the editor with the java scripting language. If you select the .net scripting language then it will give the .net scripting editor.

We can download the RFT from the trail version. So if you download the RFT, it will give you three types of folders. They are core folder, setup folder and activation kit folder (License folder).The detailed process of RFT installation will be explained during the IBM RFT Training.

RFT Installation Manager – IBM RFT Training

For any rational tool, it is mandatory to have an install manager. So while installing the tool, it will select the required installation manager based on our tool version.

When considering RFT, RFT contains IBM related tools. In order to install any tools in rational tool, you should have IBM install manager first. Above IBM install manager, we can install any tool like RFT (Rational functional tester tool) or RPT (Rational Performance tool) or RTC (Rational test concern) or any other tool. So thus rational tools must be installed on top of the install manager.

 For example if we use RFT 8, then it will take the 1.2. If you select RFT with 8.6 or 8.5 it will be on top of 1.6 install manager. So based on our application which version will support what type of installation manager is known. For example if we install the old version, i.e., 8.2 and now if we install 9 then the tool will support the install manager 1.8.This can’t be upgraded directly. We can upgrade the install manager first and then on top of it we can upgrade the version of the RFT. The more information will be provided during the IBM RFT Training.

Technologies supported by RFT:Rational-Functional-Tester

  • Web applications
  • Java applications – It supports eclipse, swing, WT etc.,
  • Packaged Applications -It supports SAP
  • Terminal Based Applications – It supports Green plum
  • .Net Applications – It supports .net 1.1,.net 2.2,Siverlight
  • Pdf Applications – It supports windows.


Framework is used to maintain, implement a script in a simple manner i.e., a new person must understand the scripting, application very easily.

Types of frameworks – IBM RFT Training

Keyword framework, keyword driven framework, data driven framework, hybrid framework and page object model framework etc., thus there are different types of frameworks. Based on our requirement, we need to select the framework.

Usually Rational Functional Tester in IBM RFT Training will support all the types of frameworks.

IBM quality manager engineers created a framework called IBM framework or ITCL framework.

ITCL Framework:

ITCL framework is a page object model, data driven model and keyword driven model. Thus it is the combination of those frameworks. ITCL framework is very easy to understand and easy to implement, maintain, modify and easy to enhancement.

In IBM RFT Training, it is explained that ITCL framework is created in the form of folders. For example, consider “appobjects” folder. It contains all the objects. Consider login screen, it contains the objects like user id, password and submit button. If we consider a registration page, then it contains more number of objects. So based on the page, we will add the objects page wise. Thus we use the appobjects folder containing all the objects each page wise.

Properties of automation in IBM RFT Training:

Automation tool uses the Speed, reliable, repeatable and programmable. So in programmable we can use any other tools. For example if we consider UFT, it will support VB script. And if we take RFT, it will support two languages called VB scripting and java scripting.

There are many IBM tools based on different functionalities. All the automation tools are divided into 3 parts.

They are:

  • Functional testing tool
  • non-functional testing tool and
  • Management tool.

Functional tools are the tools that are based on the type of functionality that we are testing. RFT, UTP and Selenium etc., are functional testing tools. So these functional testing comes under functional tools with the check points and their own setup.

For example, selenium is an open source tool which doesn’t have editor or reporting. So there are some drawbacks for that. So based on this we can build a tool like RFT or RPT.

Usually we can use 3 types of Automation testing. The need of automation testing is we knew that compared to manual testing, automated testing is very fast and accurate.

IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) tool is made for rational division from IBM. The main purpose of IBM RFT is to create test for perform actions and valuation. Primarily this software is used for quality assurance in terms of automated performance and regression. It is an object oriented automated tool for data driven testing, functional and regression. It guides to create many applications like HTML, JAVA and many. The main vision of IBM RFT tool is to design, understand, and identify test flow by using story board format.

IBM RFT Training supports different testing and technologies such as storyboard test for simplify  editing in natural language, enables automated test for flexibility to constant application user interface changes with script assure technology, data-driven test for perform various test series actions with various data sets.

IBM RFT Training helps in performing test for script to merge user record actions with various advantages of customization and intelligent script maintenance capabilities. IBM RFT has an ability of integration, the integration between IBM Rational Quality Manager with IBM Rational Team Concert to accommodate access for work items and logical or compound SCM test asset support.

Automation functional tools:

In IBM RFT Training, it is explained in detail about functional tools ,Ibm rational tools for testing and also about Rational functional tester vs Selenium.

  • Functional tools include Selenium, rational functional tester, UFT (QTP), test complete, watir etc, thus there are many functional tools. But it is not necessary to use all the tools. So based on our requirement, that is based on required operation, language, required application we use the particular tool.
  • For example, if we are using the web based application, then it is not possible to use Selenium. Because Selenium is unable to support desktop applications. So it supports only web based applications.
  • Whereas, in IBM rational tools for testing -RFT will support both the type of tools. It supports desktop applications, terminal applications, GUI and web-based applications. And it also supports various web browsers and different platforms, languages. Thus based on the requirement we use the particular components.
  • We can use java or for building the RFT application. Thus RFT supports both java and languages. It is not mandatory to have knowledge on both the languages. If you are familiar with any one language among those two languages, then you can select that language and can use it for RFT.
  • Many of us like challenges in our project which will let you out your potential in resolving the issues in your project right? So we need a little bit of guidance or support to face those challenges hence Virtual job support team as been come up with a solution for this by giving the job support or project support that helps in giving the right solution.

Functional testing with RFT:

IBM Rational Functional Tester online training can be used to ensure the quality of web applications.

Now-a-days there is more demand on testing. Organizations need to reduce costs. Manual testing simply can’t scale to the necessary levels to maintain the high quality service to your customers and releasing low quality applications is simply not an option.

Software solutions are complex compositions of many components composed of legacy, SOA and packaged applications. Quality must be the part of day-to-day culture of every team member. This drives the need for better collaboration and the facilitation of reuse. Functional test automation is one of the components of the quality management culture. 

We also provide IBM RIT Training.Rational Integration Tester  is good with various enterprise messaging solutions. RIT is used for recording SOA message. Based on demand, by recording existing system can create tests. Now-a-days enterprises are adopting Rational Integration Tester (RIT) with specific plug-ins.

  • In this training you will be provided skills on opening new project or existing project. In complex test atmosphere you can run simple organization. RIT has numerous windows and it is attached With RIT main window organized easy to use in central workspace.
  • In IBM RIT to make compositions, environment properties will be used. User can observe project functioning from main RIT menus. Likewise user can edit project properties, formats settings and permissions.
  • In IBM Rational Integration Tester user can write script with the help of ECMA script like JAVA script. Connecting with JDBC particularities, tester can make connect with all kinds of database.
  • If there is any urgency for data updates, these connections can be more useful. IBM RIT is made mainly based on GUI. From outside of GUI tester can run suites and stabs also.
  • Most of the enterprise, projects need communication between multiple users to share data with the help of SCM systems. For that communication user can accept resources up to date in their project.
  • We provide best IBM RIT Training by top experienced trainers; which will be helpful for you to learn other courses like IBM RFT, IBM RTRT Training.

The basic workflow of creating an automated test:

It is done by recording manually, enhancing the test through the use of intuitive user interfaces and executing an enhanced test and exploring the execution results.You will get a clear idea about it during the IBM RFT Training.

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