Ibm rft Training

Uses of IBM RFT Training

About IBM RFT:

IBM RFT means IBM rational functional tester. It is a business tool provided by IBM.RFT empowers you to mechanize the testing for a wide exhibit of utilizations on different platforms. It is utilized to recognize record and confirm objects in terminal based applications. Utilizing this extension we can record, execute, manage and integrate functional tests.

Prerequisites to learn IBM Rational Functional Tester Training:

  • Knowledge in manual testing, automation testing of applications.
  • Basic Java (Core Java) programming knowledge.
  • Net programming knowledge.
  • IBM db2, SQL, JDBC knowledge is required to place database verification points.

Technologies supported by RFT:

  • Web applications
  • Java applications – It supports eclipse, swing, WT etc.,
  • Packaged Applications -It supports SAP
  • Terminal Based Applications – It supports Green plum
  • .Net Applications – It supports .net 1.1,.net 2.2,Siverlight
  • Pdf Applications – It supports windows.

RFT supports desktop applications, terminal applications, GUI and web-based applications. And it also supports various web browsers and different platforms, languages. Thus based on the requirement we use the particular components.

IBM Install manager in RFT:

RFT contains IBM related tools. In order to install any tools in rational tool, you should have IBM install manager first. Above IBM install manager, we can install any tool like RFT (Rational functional tester tool) or RPT (Rational Performance tool) or RTC (Rational test concern) or any other tool. So thus rational tools must be installed on top of the install manager. The detailed process will be explained during the Training.

RFT allows us a great amount of flexibility in testing terminal applications including the ability to share the test objects and verification points across our testing efforts.

Those who want to explore the power of the using IBM Rational Functional Tester they must have knowledge on IBM RTRT Training.So we provide IBM RTRT Training and also IBM RIT Training.

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