IBM RTC Training

IBM RTC Training Introduction:

Ibm Rational Team Concert is a software development by team collaboration tool developed by the Rational Software brand of a IBM. The software is available in both with the client versions and an Web version. It provides the collaborative environment that the software development teams use to be manage all aspects of their work—such as plans, tasks, revision control, build management, and the reports. you will be configure Rational Team Concert project areas and the processes so that the core practices for the agile development, change and the release management that can be effectively adopted by a project team.Global Online Trainings is providing best IBM RTC Training by experts from india. For more details contact our help desk today


  • Experience on working with Microsoft Windows
  • Understand basic software development principles
  • Understand basic project planning principles
  • Working knowledge of an Eclipse-based IDE

IBM Rational Team Concert online course content

1.Introduction to CLM Concepts
  • Introduction to Jazz Platform
  • Jazz Administration :
  • Jazz platform architecture
  • Planning a Jazz Team Server deployment
  • Installing Jazz Team Server
3.Overview of Rational Team Concert
  • Introduction to Rational Team Concert
  • RTC  clients : Eclipse-based client interface, a Microsoft Visual Studio client interface, a Web interface, and even a shell for Windows Explorer, command line interface; and a client that supports Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MS-SCCI).
  • RTC Features – Work Flow Management, Source Control, Planning, Team Awareness, Continuous builds, Dashboards
  • RTC Process Templates : Scrum, formal change management in details
5.Defining Access
  • Defining releases
  • Defining categories
  • Defining work item types
  •  Working in Rational Team Concert – Work Items
7.Using Predefined queries
  • Creating new queries
  • Fundamentals of source control with the RTC Eclipse interface.
  • Component and repository work space concepts
  • Stream creation
  • Check out and check in model
  • Accept incoming changes
2.Managing users, licenses, and projects
  • Maintaining Jazz Team Server
  • Upgrading a Jazz environment from 4.0.6 to 6.0.x
  • Difference between SQL 2008 and SQL 2012 as a backend DB
  • Integrations
  • CLM integration with HP ALM, RDM, JENKINS,JIRA,CC/CQ
4. Repository & Project Area Preparation
  •  Create Repository
  • Creating Project based on template
  • Project Planning
  • Defining Timelines & Iterations
  • Creating Team Areas
6.Managing Work Items in Rational Team Concert
  • Work items and the work item perspective
  • Creating work items and finding work items
  • Triaging work items
  • Working on and resolving work items
  • Customization of Work Items
  •  Queries
8.Suspending change set
  • Finding and resolving conflicts
  • Viewing history of files
  • Build Management with RTC
  • Dashboards & widgets
  • Administration