IBM Teamworks Training

ibm teamwork

Topic 1:Over view of IBM Lombardi 7.5X
Topic 2:Explaining IBM Process Center Architecture
Topic 3:Introduction of Process Stake Holders and there activities.
Topic 4:introduction of Lombardi Product Components.
Topic 5:Lombardi Key Terms and Concepts
Topic 6:Dashboard modification
Topic 7:Best Practices over creating Top Movers, Scorecards and Dashboards
Topic 8:Export and Import Report Templates
Topic 9:Creating your first Lombardi Project
Topic 10:How to add the User groups and Users and how to grant access
Topic 11:Create a New Process
Topic 12:Explain the Process Package / Tool Kit Package.
Topic 13:Managing Snapshots and Workspaces.
Topic 14:Designing BPD
Topic 15:Creating a BPD and Configuration Setting,
Topic 16:Adding Lanes to the BPD,
Topic 17:Assigning Participants
Topic 18:Adding activities
Topic 19:Establishing process flow lanes