IBM Watson Analytics Training

IBM Watson Analytics Training

Introduction to IBM Watson Analytics Training:

IBM Watson Analytics Training is a cognitive computing system and the meaning of cognitive is to understand, learn and apply the intelligence of a human being.  So Cognitive computing is the info that is contextual adaptive and interactive. Watson analytics is a cloud based service that allows to ask questions on the data set and also allows to create data visualizations and predictive analysis. Global Online Trainings is one of the famous online training from India. We provide all types of trainings at a reasonable cost by our well experienced trainers. We also provide IBM Watson Analytics Training at industrial levels. According to student flexibility we provide both online training and also corporate training. At our Global Online Trainings only you can gain the practical knowledge and with practical knowledge only you can gain the job easily. Register with us and join today! 

Prerequisites to learn IBM Watson Analytics Training:

To learn IBM Watson Analytics Training,  a person should have a basic knowledge on

  • Dot Net
  • Java
  • Data Warehousing
IBM Watson Analytics Training Course Details:
  • Name of the course: IBM Watson Analytics Training
  • Mode of Training: We provide Online Training as well as Corporate Training.
  • Course Duration: 30 Hrs (Can Be Customized as Per Requirement)
  • Do you provide materials: After registration with Global Online Trainings,  the materials will be provided.
  • Course Fee: After the registration with Global Online Trainings, one of our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer Experience: 12 years+
  • Timings: According to students flexibility
  • Batch Type: We provide regular, weekends and fast track.


IBM watson online course content

IBM Watson Analytics Training Course Content

Overview of IBM Watson Analytics Training:

  • IBM Watson Analytics Training is a new mobile friendly artificial intelligence system and it is developed by IBM.
  • Artificial Intelligence plays a very important role in providing services to mobile users.
  • Most of the mobile operating systems uses AI service.For Android users Google offers the voice search service and for Tablet users Amazon offers the Alexa AI system.Thus AI systems are comfortable to use and it is also very useful to the users. But the common issue is that it is only for personal usage but not for business professional usage or data analytics usage.
  • So IBM developed a mobile friendly system that helps the business professionals to analyze the data and it is also useful to get the knowledge from the AI system.

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What is IBM Analytics?
  • Apple, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported by IBM analytics.
  • There are three different editions in Watson Analytics. They are free edition, personal edition and professional edition.
  • In the free edition we can create our own ID but in personal edition we have to pay for the service and there is also plated service in professional edition.
  • The difference between these services are the type of data that we can perform the operation. With the free edition version we can only work on CSV and Microsoft excels files. We cannot connect to a database or IBM Cognos report or anything else.
  • In personal edition we can connect to CSV as well as drop box. We can access data from Twitter but we cannot connect to the cognos report data.
  • We can directly connect into relational database but in professional edition we can do everything.
What are the key features and benefits of IBM Watson Analytics?

Some of the important features of IBM Watson Analytics are as follows

  • PreparationFeatures of IBM Watson Analytics
  • Exploration
  • Predictive analysis and
  • Assembling

At first we have to refine the data set that uploads the data and understands the quality of the data and also prepare the data for analysis. So that the IBM analytics software can work on the data set. once the data is refined, later we have to explore the data set and then we can upload or create the analysis. We can do the predictive analysis using the predictive function and then assemble the dashboard. Once the analytics has done than we can assemble and create the dashboard. We can share and create the stories also.

In social media, we can create a team and understand the social media like twitter forums, topics, comments and understand the sentimens of the product. If we want to sell the product or some social media trending topic than we can notice that working of the IBM Watson.


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Learn about Data Stage along with IBM Watson Training:

Data stage is simply known as DS and it is an ETL tool. ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load.This is used to extract the data, transform the data and it is also used to load the data from the source to the target.

In Data Stage, there are two types of tools. They are ETL tool and ETL designing & monitoring tool.Graphical tools are also available in Data Stage based on the windows. This helps to design the ETL processes and it is also used to maintain the metadata. Data Stage supports many versions like Enterprise, Server and MVS Edition.

Features of Data Stage:
Some of the important features of Data Stage are as follows.
  • Data Stage is used to extract data from the enterprise and it is also used to extract data from the external data sources.
  • This is also used to implement the data validation rules.
  • The main advantage of the Data Stage is that it can maintain the difficult transformations and can manage several integration processes.

These are some of the basics of Data Stage and you can get the detail knowledge at on Data Stage Training along wit IBM Watson Analytics Training at our Global Online Trainings.


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Along with IBM Watson  Training  learn about Informatica Training;

Informatica power center ETL is also known as Informatica and it is used for data integration. It has the ability to connect and extract the data from many heterogeneous source and processing of data. Informatica plays a very important role in businesses, industries and government organizations.

There are three major applications in Informatica Power Center.They are

  • Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools.
  • Informatica PowerCenter Repository
  • Informatica PowerCenter Server

Get the detail knowledge on Informatica Training along with IBM Watson Analytics Training.

Learn Tableau Training with IBM Watson Analytics Training:

Tableau is a tool related to visualization and it is used in Business Intelligence. This is used to modify the raw data into simple format.  With the help of Tableau we can analys the data quickly and the visualizations will be in dashboards and worksheets. This data can be understandable at any of the level.

 In Tableau, data analytics are divided into types. They are

  • Developer Tools
  • Sharing Tools.

You can learn in detail about Tableau Training along with IBM Watson Analytics Training in our Global Online Trainings.

Along with IBM Watson Analytics Training learn about Teradata Training:

Teradata is an open system because it can be operated on any platform. Teradata is a relational Database Management System and this helps to develop large scale data warehousing applications. Teradata database system is related to MPP Architecture where MPP stands for Massive Parallel Processing. In Teradata, load distribution is shared among many users.

Get the detail knowledge on Teradata Training along with IBM Watson Analytics Training at our Global Online Trainings.


Conclusion to IBM Watson Analytics Training:

IBM Watson Analytics is a demand course in the market. Because the candidate has to known the Architecture and be able to design and build on AI technology. This plays a very important role for the business. So the organizations are looking for the candidates who are having good knowledge and also practical knowledge on IBM Watson Analytics.


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At Global Online Trainings only you can get the practical knowledge. Because we provide training with highly experienced trainers at a reasonable cost. After the completion of IBM Watson Analytics training we also provide  IBM Watson Analytics Certification. If you have any doubts regarding the training you can contact at anytime,our team is always available for 24/7 always feel free to contact us.


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