IBM WebSphere Commerce Server Training


Introduction to IBM Websphere Commerce Server Training:

IBM WebSphere Commerce Server Training at Global Online Trainings is specially designed to help you to improve the skills required for IBM WebSphere Commerce Management. Learn the training from IBM WebSphere Commerce Server expert will give the comprehensive knowledge on installing, configuring, managing, running, troubleshooting, and security, performance tuning, etc. through training sessions with real-time examples of WebSphere Commerce Server. At Global Online Trainings our trainers are highly experienced IT Professionals provide in-depth knowledge on WebSphere Commerce Server through our WebSphere Commerce Server Online Training. We offer the best job-oriented IBM WCS training. To know more info about IBM WebSphere Commerce Server make a call on 8121020333!


Websphere Commerce Server Training Course Content

Course Overview:
  • Introduction to WCS
  • Installing & Configuring WebSphere Commerce
  • Administering WebSphere Commerce
  • Deploy the WebSphere Commerce Stores
  • Troubleshooting & Performance Monitoring
  • Managing Organizations & Users
  • Web Services & the Messaging Infrastructure
  • The Loader Utility & Updating WebSphere Commerce Stores
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Installing & Configuring Mobile & Social Commerce Features
  • Administering Add On Features
  • Configuring the WebSphere Commerce V6 & Installing Fix Packs & Feature Packs
  • Publishing a Sample Store
  • Publishing a Customized Starter Store
  • Troubleshooting Log Files
  • Managing Access Control Policies
  • Configuring the Job Scheduler & Messaging Infrastructure
  • Updating WebSphere Commerce Stores
  • Maintaining a WebSphere Commerce Store
  • Establish the Security in a WebSphere Commerce Site
  • Optimizing a Store for Search Engines
  • Installing & Configuring Mobile & Social Commerce Features
  • Administering Add On Features