IBM Wodm Training

IBM WODM Training Introduction:

IBM WODM training is an implementation of the Business Rule Management System. It allows a creation, management, testing   & governance of a business rules & events and stores them in the central repository where they can be accessed by the multiple individuals and software products. This central storage of a rules & a events mean that they can be easily will modified without having to be rebuild software, & with the reduced testing cycle, and the different software of a products will pick up this change in  simultaneously. Global Online Trainings is providing best IBM WODM training by experts, for more details about this IBM WODM training, contact our help desk today

prerequisties Of  IBM wodm Training
  • Experience with the Java programming language
  • Experience with Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)
  • Knowledge of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
  • Basic knowledge of Extensible Markup Language (XML)

WebSphere Operational Decision Management course content

Topic 1:Course introduction
  • Introducing IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management V7.5
  • Operational Decision Management: Business rules
  • Programming with business rules
  • Developing business object models
Topic 3:Authoring action rules
  • Authoring decision tables and decision trees
  • Enhancing the rule authoring experience
  • Keeping rule project consistency
Topic 5:Executing rules locally
  • Debugging a ruleset
  • Enabling business rule management
  • Enabling tests and simulations
  • Deploying rules and XOMs
  • Executing rules with Rule Execution Server
Topic 2:Orchestrating ruleset execution
  • Designing ruleflows
  • Creating ruleset archives
  • Authoring rules
  • Exploring action rules
Topic 4:Working with action rule templates
  • Working with static domains
  • Creating dynamic domains with Microsoft Excel
  • Searching for and querying rules
  • Debugging rules
Topic 6:Exploring the Rule Execution Server Console
  • Executing rules with Rule Execution Server in Java SE
  • Executing rules with Rule Execution Server in Java EE
  • Executing rules as an HTDS web service
  • Auditing and monitoring ruleset execution
  • Auditing ruleset executions
  • Testing execution of deployed rulesets
  • Introducing rule governance (optional)

IBM Wodm Training Overview:

  • IBM Wodm Training is a full-featured, easy-to-use the platform for capturing, automating & governing frequent, repeatable business decisions. It consists of the two components, IBM Decision Center & IBM Decision Server.
  • IBM Wodm Training form the platform for managing & also executing business rules & business events to be help you with the make decisions faster also improve responsiveness, minimize risks & seize opportunities.
  • IBM Wodm Training improves a quality of the transaction and also process-related decisions & helps determine to the appropriate course of action for the customers, partners and internal interactions.
  •  WebSphere Operational Decision Management course improves a business insight & also outcomes and helps you detect opportunities & also risks. It also enables you to be implement, test and also deploy decision changes and understand how the decisions are made and apply them consistently across processes & applications.