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Introduction to ICINGA Training:

Our Icinga Online training helps you in learning flexible and extensible monitoring systems. Icinga is an open source monitoring and it is an application that is related to network monitoring. On the Linode, Icinga 2 can not only monitor the critical services as well as it can monitor the systems. ICINGA is divided from the Nagio’s. Global Online Trainings will provide the best ICINGA Corporate Training with the best and expert corporate trainers. At Global Online Trainings you can get the practical knowledge. With the help of practical knowledge only you can gain the job easily. We will provide the best ICINGA online course and if there are any quires you can visit our website and always feel free to contact us our team is always available to clarify your doubts.

Prerequisites of ICINGA Online Training:

To learn Icinga course a person should have a basic knowledge on the Nagio monitor because it is the basic of the monitoring system.

Icinga Training Course Details:

Course Name: Icinga Training / Icinga Corporate Training / Icinga Online Training

Mode of Training: We provide both online training as well as Corporate Training.

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes we provide materials.

Course Fee: After registration with Global Online Trainings one of our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 12 years+

Timings: According to client feasibility

Batch Type: We provide all types of batches Regular, Weekends and Short term.


Overview of ICINGA Training:

  • ICINGA will monitor some tools, computers and storages. NAGIO and the ICINGA are the monitoring systems. ICINGA corporate training is easy to fix and extend into other projects.
  • ICINGA can be monitored system everything it have end point and zones. ICINGA Online Training will check the system in less time and it will not wait for the each and everything bring to the monitor.
  • If something wrong in the process the execution will take and then the mails, messages, voice in that way the convey will come what’s went wrong in this.

If you are feeling pressure in your work than it is better to take job support. Virtual job is the best job support as well as project support services. Our trainers will support you to complete your project in time without any delay. We have 15+ years experience in TI industry. We also provide job support for Icinga job support. We provide job support not only for experienced employees but also for the freshers who joined newly and facing difficulty in completing their project.

ICINGA2 Training:
  • ICINGA2 is based on the c++ and that will boost it all and will support all windows platform and the CLI. ICINGA2 has support by MY SQL.
  • In Icinga2, the extensive templates are available. So there is no need to run the data base system in monitor. There are Packers and vagrant boxes.
  • We can check every performance in the status in ICINA2. ICINGA2 also have masters and satellite.

“At Global Online Trainings you can get the knowledge from the basic level to advanced level.”


Icinga-training Master: Where it will have the database in this client’s data monitoring will send to the satellite.

Satellite: It will resend to the checkers where it will checks.

What is the Icinga2 architecture?Architecture of Icinga Training

Architecture of Icinga2 has couple of modules to write the database. Icinga2 mainly supports the clusters. Node writes the database and execution will done in clusters.

What are the Clusters of Icinga2?

Cluster is a distributed data over the counties, replicating the data clusters have API, CA zones. We can mash the clusters and move to the nodes when they are in the same zone and we can also execute and we can rewrite any database anywhere else. If there are only two counties available for transforming the data zones than it will help to execute and send the data.

What is Icinga WEB2 Training?
  • Icinga web2 is a light weightier like Icinga web2 classic and the web will support the backend and it will also supports more back ends if any one of the backend gets fail.
  • There will be responsive actions and it is fast. It is easy to extend into our projects and it is easy to verify the database.

“ICINGA WEB2 Training will provide the basics for the users and the monitors. Business profile, graphics. Virtual job support provides Icinga online job support from India at reasonable price.”

What are the benefits of Icinga?

Some of the benefits of Icinga are as follows.

  • Monitoring of services: The main advantage of Icinga 2 is having customizable framework due to this it can cover most of the requirements. Icinga 2 is flexible to direct monitoring as well as SNMP.
  • Direct Monitoring vs SNMP: Icinga 2 is flexible to direct monitoring as well as SNMP but it is not a SNMP tool this is due to direct monitoring.
  • Flexibility: Icinga 2 is an object oriented from top to bottom and it also has configuration language. Monitoring configuration is written fastly.
  • Speed: Icinga 2 is developed fastly. Because of multi threaded design, Icinga 2 can run thousands of checks.
  • Configuration and Templates: Icinga 2 has object-based as well as rule-driven configuration. The format of configuration and the puppet both are the same.

“Always feel free to contact us and our coordinators are available 24/7 to clarify your doubts regarding Icinga course.”

What are the uses of Icinga 2?

The main uses of Icinga 2 are as follows.

  • Icinga 2 is used to check the availability of the network resources.
  • It identifies the users of outages.
  • Icinga 2 is used to create the data for reporting. Scalable and extensible.
  • Icinga 2 is used to monitor large, complex environments among many locations.
Along with Icinga Training learn Nagios:

Nagios is related to DevOps and this is used for continuous monitoring of systems. Nagios plays a very important role in the failure of an event because it an intimate the technical staff of the problem. Nagios is a Linux operating system and it runs agent based as well as agent less configurations. For collecting the data, agent based are installed on either hardware or software system and it is connected back to management server. For emulating an agent, agent less monitoring uses present protocols.

These are just the basics of Nagios. You can get the detail knowledge on Nagios Trainings at our Icinga Training.

Learn about Puppet Training along with Icinga Training:

Puppet is a configuration management tool in which all systems are configured to the desired states. Puppet is also used as a deployment tool. Automatically the software is deployed on the system.  Puppet is used to implement the infrastructure as a code.Policies and configurations are written in the form of code.

Components of Puppet:

Components of Puppet are classified into two main components. They are  Puppet Master and Puppet Client.

  • Puppet Master: Puppet master stores all the configuration files. The combination of Manifests,Templates and Files are called modules.

Manifests: Manifests are the actual codes for configuring the clients.

Templates: Templates combines code and data to render the final document.

Files: Files are the static content that can be downloaded by the clients.


  • Puppet Client: The Puppet client is the machine that requires to be configured.

Agent: The agent continuously interacts with the master and sends the certificates.

Facter: The facter collects the current state of the client.

These are just the basics of Puppet. You can learn in detail about Puppet Training in our Icinga Training.


Conclusion to ICINGA Training:

The main responsibility of a Icinga employee is to maintain the commercial platforms that will support the PromonTech’s core offerings. This plays a very important role in an organization. Every organization is looking for a candidate who are having practical knowledge on Icinga. They are offering average package of 7-8 lakhs per annum. Global Online Training is the best online training from India. We provide all types of trainings. According to client requirement we provide online training as well as corporate training. We also provide Icinga Training by our experienced trainers at a reasonable cost.


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