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ICM Training course content:

 IP Multicast Foundation
  • Brief Overview & Outline
  • Its Objectives
  • IP Multicast Benefits &  Caveats
  • Types in IP Multicast Application  
  •  Basic Model of  the IP Multicast
  • The IP Multicast Addressing
  • Multicast Sessions_Directory Services
 Function of an Multicast Network
  • Overview
  • The Functions of Multicast-Enabled Networks
  • Multicast Distribution Trees &  Protocol Types
  • Reporting the Group Membership
 Multicast LAN Switch Operation
  • Introduction
  • Multicast MAC-Layer Addresses &  Switch Forwarding
  • Constraining the Multicast Streams on the  LAN Switch Ports
  • The IGMP Snooping Implementation
 PIM Dense Mode
  • Overview of PIM Dense Mode  
  • The PIM Dense Mode Details
  • PIM Dense Mode Configuration & Troubleshooting
 PIM Sparse Mode
  • Overview of PIM Dense Sparse  
  • PIM State
  • Types in PIM Packet  
  • PIM SM Joining
  • PIM SM_Registering
  • PIM SPT-Switchover
  • PIM SM_Pruning
  • PIM Sparse Mode Configuration & Troubleshooting
 PIM-SM Variants
  • The Source Specific Multicast
  • Configuration of Bidirectional PIM Basic  
  • Bidirectional PIM Designated Forwarders
  • The Bidirectional PIM Mroute Forwarding State (*, G)
  • The Bidirectional PIM Phantom BiDir RPs
 Redundant Rendezvous Points
  • onfiguring Redundant Rendezvous Points Using the MSDP
  • Redundant RP Configuration &  Recommendations
  • Configuring Redundant Rendezvous Points Using the Auto RP
  • Configuring Redundant Rendezvous Points Using the BSR
  • Combining Anycast RP and Auto-RP
 Administrative Scoping & Filtering of Multicas
  • Multicast _Scoping
  • Using of Administratively Scoped Zones
 WAN, VPN, & MPLS for Multicast
  • Multicast over the NBMA Networks
  • Tunneling Multicast over the Unicast Networks
  • Multicast with VPNs &  MPLS
  • DMVPN Tunneling with Multicast over Unicast Networks using mGRE & NHRP
  • Multicast with VPNs & MPLS
 Security, High Availability, &Reliability
  • Advanced Multicast Engineering – High Availability
  • What isan  Reliable IP Multicast?
  • Advanced Multicast Engineering
  • DMVPN Security adding IP Sec to mGRE, NHRP, &  Multicast
  • IP Security for Multicast over MPLS Group Encrypted Transport VPN  
 Interdomain Multicast with MBGP & MSDP
  • Overview of Interdomain Multicast Routing
  • The MBGP Configuration
  • The MSDP Configuration