Illustrator Training

Introduction To Illustratot Training Course:

Adobe  Illustrator is an professional quality graphic art program. Its applications are diverse, from creating print to web graphics &, for our purposes, posters. Although the program is complex & it requires an significant amount of time to truly master, it is quite easy to learn the basics & create work with an professional appearance. Designing a poster does not require any special artistic talent or the skill,  it just requires having the patience to get acquainted with the program. As with most computer applications, the trial-&-error methodology to figure out the intricacies of the program. You will make numerous mistakes, and frequently want to make changes. Thankfully Illustrator is equipped with an undo option. In fact, undo [Crtrl+Z] will become a very familiar action as you design your poster. Register for Illustrator training at Global Online Trainings and learn many more interesting facts about the course by expert professionals.

Illustrator Online Training Course Content

Introduction Adobe Illustrator
Shapes Creations in a Document
Creating Custom Paths
Working with Text
Working with the Objects
Enhancing the Documents
Document Proofing
Saving Images for Web and Print
Complex Illustrations
Enhancing the Complex Illustrations
Creating the Vector Version of a Raster Graphic
Creating Special Effects
Outputting the Documents
Exporting Graphics for the Web and Mobile Devices