Joomla Training

Importance of Joomla Training

Why Joomla Training?

Joomla is open source software to build websites without any technical experience. And it is very easy to install and configure. It is used for uploading the content without need of any technical skills. Joomla is content management system (CMS).It having thousands of components and extensions to build the efficient website or blog. It is used by the more number of organizations in worldwide. We have content manager, Template manager, Language manager, Section manager, banner manager and more features are available in Joomla.

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Joomla Benefits:

  • It is best suitable to manage the websites and applications used by the many organizations.
  • By using joomla we can build user friendly applications without need of writing single code.
  • Joomla is very secure and fixable to work. And by using this we no need to pay any amount because it is free of cost.
  • By using this we can save the time also. And interface of joomla is also very user friendly to use.
  • We can update the site by with administrator credentials.
  • By using Joomla we can build dynamic applications.
  • Joomla having more number of free components in the Extension.joomla.org/.

Some of the Interview Questions and Answers:

What is the joomla module?

Modules are small content items that can be visible everywhere in site by allocating position in template. Modules are managed in joomla by admin section. Some of modules are in joomla are main menu, polls, newsflash.

What is favicon?

It is an icon associated with a particular website, and it is displayed in the address bar of the web browser.

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