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Oracle Exadata Training


Why Oracle Exadata?

Oracle Exadata is server pre installed and pre optimized Database. It supports Online Transaction processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Exadata machine is best platform for all database workloads. TheOracle Exadata machine having two parts. One is Hardware and other one is Software. In the Hardware architecture with fully scale out servers and intelligence storage with InfiniBand network connectivity and PCI Flash. On the software side lot of specialized algorithms to compute storage and networking software to improves the performance and cost. And it is highly standardized platform.

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Benefits of Oracle Exadata:

  •  Exadata is very highly optimized platform.
  • Using this exadata hybrid columnar Compression we can reduce the space of data in databases is 10 times of space occupied in normal database.
  • Using Flash logging algorithms we can increase the speed of ultra –fast transaction process.
  • By Using Exadata application framework we can build the applications without writing any code.
  • Exadata cloud services are also available to run any application without change and from any location.

Oracle Exadata Cloud Services:

 Exadata Database machine is best platform for oracle database whether we run on-premises or in the cloud. The exadata cloud was invented by sun with same hardware.

Key Attributes of Cloud Services:

  •   Every oracle database feature or every database option runs in on premise applications are also run in exadata cloud service.
  •  Oracle database works very fastest, and mot secured database platform.

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