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IBM QRadar SIEM Reduces and formulate signals to focus security analyst observation on an actionable list of suspected, high possibility incidents.It can also corresponding system burden with event and system data, helping to set up the security facts. It is based on LINUX Application. Logging and Event collection are the two components in Security Information Event Management. Global Online Trainings provide Best QRadar SIEM Foundations by Trainers.

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 QRadar SIEM Key components:

  • To create a specially designed log events or sourcesLeveraging resource data store.
  • We have more Rules and every rule has rule tests, for that we have to follow some rule test orders based on the condition.
  • Create and enhance custom rules to identify pointers of fraud or wrong policies.
Event Correlation Services:

It is the one type service to maintain event and its flow for Security QRadar. Event Correlation Service having three components.

  • Event Collector Component
  • Event Processor Component
  • Magistrate component

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Some of the Interview Questions and Answers:

What are the rules types in QRadar?

We have four rule types are available. They are:

  • Event rule
  • Flow Rules
  • Common Rules
  • Offence Rules

What is Local rule Tests?

When user represents the rule test across the appliance to activate the rule. This is the default action.

What is the Test order in QRadar?

The Custom Rules Engine classifies rules tests sequence order. In this process if first line is checked and when it is true then the rule test is worked from line one to at final test. If the rule test is false in first line, the remaining lines are not checked by Custom Rule engine (CRE).

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