Informatica B2B Training

Informatica b2b training

Informatica B2B training Introduction:

Informatica B2B training offers a powerful business intelligence and data integration tool which is used to gather all the required data from multiple sources, bringing it on a common platform such as data warehouse. After getting all the data into data warehouse it allows to perform various analytics and makes it quite easy for the end user to understand. Informatica b2b suite helps to unlock unstructured, semi-structured, and hierarchical or industry standardized information that can be used in power center data integration processor deployed within any middleware or enterprise data service. Informatica B2B corporate training by Global Online training is offered Informatica b2b DT DX online training with latest version 9.5, it has the capabilities, to deal with complex and unstructured hierarchical data structures, and integrating with data transformation to become part of the Informatica platform making it much easier for customers to use and utilize the current investment in Informatica data quality or data service products.We extensively provide job support as well for Informatica B2B.


Prerequisites for Informatica B2B training:

  • The attendees should have basic knowledge on Informatica Developer, MySQL, ORACLE and SQL Server.
  • Have to know basics of Unix Shell Scripting and Informatica Power Center.

Informatica B2B online Training Course Outline:

  • Course Name: Informatica B2B Training
  • Duration of the Course: 40 Hours (It can also be optimized as per required period).
  • Mode of Training: Online, Classroom and Corporate Training
  • Timings: According to one’s Feasibility
  • Materials: Yes, We are providing Materials for Informatica B2B online Training (We will get the soft copy material)
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GOTOMETTING or SKYPE
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset.
  • Trainer Experience: 10+Years
  • Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Informatica B2B training Course Content:

Informatica B2B Training Course Content

Overview of Informatica B2B training:

There are different tools in Informatica b2b DT DX online training that will help you achieve data integration and help you perform ETL operations, but Informatica is the market leading end-to-end data solution provider. In terms of market strength, Informatica holds control over more areas of market and is growing every day. The Informatica B2B corporate training power set provides the complete life-cycle to maintain the quality of data throughout the process.Informatica B2B training overview

  • Global Online Trainings also provides Informatica Cloud training which helps to manage and integrate the data into the cloud platform.
  • Data transformation is an integration solution for converting all relevant data from various formats into a common format to makes it understandable for business analytics.
  • Data exchange is an industry standard solution which is provided for sharing the data between applications and partners with associated data sources.
  • Informatica b2b DT DX online training has data pocket which is also referred as IDQ to migrate and manage all the data coming from various sources.
  • It has cloud integrator to integrate the data into the cloud and life-cycle management tool for application development.
  • It also has enterprise data integrator to integrate data between different organizations and b2b data exchange to exchange information.
  • It enables control, monitoring and validation of high impact changes. So the all important data will be reused for future perspectives.
  • It facilitates compliance with internal policies and external regulations. This makes the data to be stored in a normalized format for better user experience.
  • It lowers the risk of unintended impact on any operational environment and reduces complexity by providing development, testing, and execution in its own business environment. 
  • Informatica B2B training is so important if you are facing any issues in the job/project support regarding the Informatica B2B. We give assistance in Virtual Technical Assistance for Informatica B2B. Our trainers will clarify each and every doubt on INFORMATICA B2B project. VTA provide Informatica B2B support across all over the world. You can improve your skill on Informatica B2B.

Informatica B2B DT DXbtraining

Informatica Data Transformation:

Every big organization has so many branches located in various countries across the world. Each department uses its own application to store its data and these data need to be validated on a regular basis to understand the performance of the company. Informatica Admin training by Global Online Trainings provides the capability for better monitoring and understanding the workflow of data transformation. Analyzing the data from these applications becomes a problem because each of these applications may use its own format and own type of data to store the data.  So this is where data transformation comes into the picture and Informatica B2B online training helps to understand these things.

  • Data transformation allows converting these data from any format to a common format and makes the process of analysis easier.
  • Apart from converting the data into a common format, it will help to decode the data from the encoded format and adding a time-stamp to the data and identify if there any error or inconsistency in the data.
  • Data transformation is basically used to represent the setup rules which defines how the data is being transferred from the source to target destination.
  • These rules consist of Informatica b2b DT DX online training is the ability to define what data has to be transferred, a format of the data, any specific type of the data etc.Informatica Data Transformation

The data transformation is Informatica B2B training has various types:

  • Source Qualifier Transformation – it is a basic transformation used to convert data types to Informatica supported data types. It automatically added by default when the source is added for a mapping.
  • Union Transformation – it helps to merge the data from multiple sources.
  • Joiner Transformation – it also enables to combine and arrange the data from different source tables. It has four types under the properties section.
  • Expression Transformation – it can be used to perform or calculate certain expressions which can be applied to each row of data to make it more reusable.
  • Normalizer Transformation – this component used for converting the formless data into a normalized format. It uses key and column or row id to perform the process of normalizing the data.

Informatica Data Exchange:

The Informatica b2b corporate training provides data exchange as a solution that helps to share the important data between applications and systems with associated data sources. Data from external sources comes in various formats with different latencies and different protocol. This data provides rich information for daily operations and for analytics. The Informatica MDM training is another way to learn the data management functionality for Informatica data.

  • The Informatica data exchange solution is deployed between external business partners and internal systems that act as a gateway.
  • This system provides a centralized solution to deliver the highest visibility, automation, and integration of all data within the walls of the enterprise.

The Informatica B2B training has DX solution consists of five primary components which are:Informatica Data Exchange

Connectivity – 

  • It manages the file transfer with a wide array of supported secure protocols. It is easily configured by business users as part of data exchange solution.

Management – 

  • Informatica B2B training helps to manage partners and consists of a number of elements such as endpoints, partners, profile, and workflows.

Monitoring – 

  • It enables to monitor the business activities of users, events and the entire infrastructure on a day to day basis.

Transformation – 

  • It provides the capability to translate PDFs, Excel documents, XML, Jason by using libraries which provides out-of-the-box usage of industry standards.

Integration – 

  • It helps to integrate the data across the organization. The power center platform provides this integration to deploy and execute transformations. Informatica B2B training provides this robust scalable, highly available execution layer which makes up the data exchange solution.

Informatica B2B training with v9.5:

The Informatica B2B training introduced v9.5  with some new and advanced features. It announced with 5 new capabilities. The first two capabilities in data transformation product are the data processor and x map and other three capabilities in data exchange product are business activity monitoring, archiving and audit with authorization.

  • X map is a new innovative view to defining hierarchical XML data transformations. It replies regarding key requirements to effectively handle any hierarchical data such as Jason, Protobuf etc.Virtual Technical Assistance is best for online mode of Informatica B2B Job Support at reasonable price.
  • It enables visual drag and drop definition hierarchical to hierarchical mapping and handles a wide variety of mapping scenarios from the simplest to the most complex.
  • It also utilizes X-path for mapping language with built-in syntax help and expression editor. This enables rapid development of hierarchical data mapping and shortens the learning curve for mapping developers and furnishes a single environment for defining multistep, unstructured transformation and mappings.
  • Informatica B2B training new business activity monitoring option provides an easy fast way to focus on relevant data. It provides consolidated business and operational view of the partner gateway and delivered customized as well as personalized dashboards.
  • Data archiving provides an unparalleled ability to manage the partner data lifecycle and allowing operational scalability by maintaining a lean operational environment. It provides the ability for easy archive configuration and management, to store partner data into the database like Hadoop, robustness, and accessibility for events and data for further analytics.
  • The last exciting capability within data exchange addresses the advanced authorization requirements raised by industries such as financial services and healthcare. Informatica B2B training provides enhanced and improved audit functionality along with the ability to monitor, review and authorize capabilities for operator action.

Informatica B2B training with Power Center:

Informatica B2B training has power center which is not just used to perform data integration process but also helps to merge the data from different databases to new databases. All those data can be combined and stored into a single data warehouse using power center tool. Informatica b2b DT DX online training can be used for application integration which means it helps to share the data between applications as required.

  • It will help various domains such as banking, insurance, publication etc to make easy their required processes.
  • In terms of banking, the power center helps to analyze and work with a large number of data. It also enables to verify any error or conflicting data into the data and provide the centralized system to access those data.
  • In terms of insurance, Informatica B2B training helps to validate the claims and the important data of customers to maintain the accuracy and quality factors.

The power center applications in Informatica B2B training can be classified into two categories: the administrative tool and the development tool. In the administrative tool, there are two tools: the repository manager and the administrative console. In the development suite, there are three tools: power center designer, workflow manager, and workflow monitor.

  • The Informatica B2B corporate training console allows working with various administrative tasks, services, and operations on the specific domain. All the operations such as creation, configuration, and management of the data will be done by administration console.
  • The repository manager helps to create various repositories, manage folders with data, users and groups. It will store the data for all business activities performed by the user which will be used for further analytics. GOT Technical Assistance provide best Informatica B2B corporate training by experts.
  • The designer helps to create the ETL mappings which will define the flow of data from the source to the target destination.
  • Mappings themselves are not directly executable so for that, there is a need to create workflow associated with it. After creation of workflow mapping, it will be executed by workflow manager.
  • The workflow monitor allows manipulating the data such as starting, stopping, restarting and check the status of an executing workflow.
  • Informatica B2B is advanced technology, they are many job opportunities for Informatica B2B training, it has high demand in market. We are giving training for Informatica B2B, and also giving job support for Informatica B2B. GOT Technical Assistance helps to you for solving any queries in your Informatica B2B project.We have good consultants here to help you out at any time.

Why Informatica B2B training?

In this growing industry trends, Growth is the basic and important need for all business organizations. To achieve growth every business needs to have an insight as to how the organization is doing as an individual as well as how it is performing in the market. To understand all these it needs Informatica B2B online training helps to gather data from different sources. It could be data from social trends, from inside the organization, from market research or from customer feedback etc. Once you have this data by performing various kinds of analysis you can get a great business insight which can give you a guiding path for business growth.

The problems that arise to achieve insights are:

  • The data that is gathered from different sources cannot be directly visualized.
  • The data is difficult to integrate directly because they could be coming from Oracle database or from SQL server and unstructured data from social media as well.
  • Combining all these data to analyze and get an insight is not approvable.
  • The capabilities of analysis, as well as capabilities of integration, are limited.

Informatica b2b training introduced data transformation and data exchange which enables hierarchical to relational mapping and reuses Informatica platform objects, user interface convention, and methodologies. This means reduced cost and complexity by enabling development, testing, debugging and execution in the single environment. Informatica b2b training also enables increasing reuse of metadata objects and artifacts as well as skills.


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