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Introduction to Informatica PowerCenter Training :

Informatica PowerCenter is one of the integration tools which are very important for data integration platform. It basically takes all the data from a different source system and then put them at one place for analysis, for governance and for reporting. Informatica PowerCenter Training at Global Online Trainings is provided by the best industry experts. Our industry experts prepared Informatica PowerCenter Tutorials with latest versions. At GOT, we conduct Informatica PowerCenter classes for individuals as well as corporate batches. We also provide Corporate Training as well as Classroom Training for Sun Solaris at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. For more info please contact Global Team, we will get in touch with you!


Informatica PowerCenter Training Course Details:

Course Name:  Informatica PowerCenter Training

Mode of training: Global Online Trainings provide both Online Training and Corporate Training for Informatica PowerCenter Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Informatica PowerCenter Course Materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track!


Prerequisites to learn Informatica PowerCenter Training:

To learn Informatica PowerCenter Training, there are some prerequisites. They are

  • Basic knowledge of Database
  • Good knowledge of SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Basic knowledge of ETL tool Concepts
  • Knowledge of Data Warehousing concepts

Informatica PowerCenter 10.X Online Training course content:

Informatica PowerCenter training course content Part1

Informatica PowerCenter training course contet Part2


Overview of Informatica PowerCenter Training:

Before get starts with Informatica PowerCenter, we take a look at the overview of Informatica.

  • Informatica PowerCenter was developed by Informatica Corp. Informatica is the market leader in data integration. It is an ETL tool. ETL stands for Extraction, Transformation, and Loading. In many enterprise data warehouse houses, they are using an ETL tool to Extract, Transform and Loading the data as per business requirements. As because of Informatica PowerCenter is an integration tool, it is always different from other software platforms.
  • Informatica can work on various types of data sets, various standards, and many applications and systems. Hence it offers huge job opportunities for professionals who have high skills in Informatica across the world.
  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services has currently enlarged capabilities of Informatica’s top applications and knowledge connectivity iPaaS capabilities for ultimate end-to-end knowledge management.
  • Information Integration and information quality are both get supported by Informatica developer tool. So that, it directly improves productivity.
  • As Informatica is the market leader in Data Integration many organizations are constantly looking for excellent Informatica developers, who can analyze and integrate business data easily by using ETL tool from the day of joining.
  • Because of the biggest business growth with Informatica, it claims 100% successful deployment. So that an Informatica is one of the booming technology today.

This is less information about Informatica. If you want to know more about Informatica, please take a demo session for Informatica PowerCenter Training at Global Online Trainings. In this training, we would like to share a video which will give you good information and knowledge about Informatica PowerCenter.


Learn about ETL Tool in our Informatica PowerCenter Training:

We can say that the ETL tool is one of the market leaders in the IT industry because of providing excellent services.  Meanwhile, Informatica PowerCenter is an ETL tool which improves business performance. I think all have a doubt about Why ETL tool? Here we will discuss below.


Why ETL Tool?Informatica-ETL-Tool-Process

  • Lean Integration is one of the main causes for an Informatica ETL tool achievement. Lean integration is a general perception in the manufacturing business to prevent waste. Informatica has the same integration model.
  • High Success Rate is another cause for ETL tool success. Informatica claims 100% successful business operations. So that an Informatica is one of the booming technology today.
  • Easy training and practice availability made simple for software industry; unlike other ETL tools. This helps the business in reducing the cost of training. In addition, it is not difficult to set up a new team for this tool.
  • Informatica ETL Tool is a less expensive tool when compared to other ETL tools and having many technical advantages while the difficulties of other ETL tools like simple use, reuse, debugging and connectivity which makes Informatica ETL tool as an ideal.
  • One more advantage of the Informatica is it has an inter scheduler. It is an additional benefit for organizations that don’t use an external scheduler.
  • Informatica follows the main marketing strategy, where it influences paperwork, press release, web forums, and network communities. It provides its leading edge in the ETL area. Other ETL players believe most people in live client marketing.

Here I discussed just a few things about Informatica ETL tool. But you will know more during Informatica PowerCenter Online Training. We also provide training for Informatica b2b training and Informatica Cloud Training.  We provide Informatica PowerCenter latest versions like Informatica PowerCenter 10, Informatica PowerCenter 10.1, 10.2. To know more information about Informatica PowerCenter tool please contact Global Online Trainings team, they will clear all your doubts regarding Informatica PowerCenter Tool.


What are the Informatica PowerCenter Tools?

There are many tools available in the market. But we choose Informatica because Informatica is easy, powerful and capable to do all ETL with effective results.  The different tools available in Informatica PowerCenter Training are:  Informatica PowerCenter client application consists of four different tools to manage the repository, to design the mappings.Informatica-Powercenter-Tools

PowerCenter designer:

In Informatica PowerCenter Training, when we open the designer, we will find a navigation bar with the repository that contains a list of repositories on the left side. And on the right side, we will have the work area or the workspace. Now connect to one of the repositories and right click on any of the folders. When we open any folder, there we will find the work area. 


Mapping designer:

In Informatica PowerCenter Training, It is the place from where we import the sources, create the targets, create the transformations and build the logic based on the business requirements and create the overflow which is called as mapping.  In mapping, we can find five different sub tools under the tools menu. They are source analyzer, target designer, transformation developer, mapplet designer, mapping designer.


Target designer:

In Informatica PowerCenter Training, In this, you will have a menu and the menu keeps changing when someone clicks on it. If we click on source then we will get the source and if we click on target then we will get the target menu.  Under the target, we have import wizards. If you think that none of the above are applicable to you then click on create and use the list. If there is something which is not in the list and not in the create option. Then we need to use some other tool which is pre-step to ETL to convert that into one of the formats which Informatica can read and then use that as a resource or a target.


Transformation developer:

In Informatica PowerCenter Training, In this, we develop transformations to use in mapping. It’s not mandatory that you should create the transformations there. You can directly import any of the transformations into your mapping directly in PowerCenter 10.X Online course.  The only reason that we go for transformation developer is, whenever you want to create a reusable transformation that you want to use in more than one mapping or whenever you want to develop a user-defined function to use in any of the expressions else we can always use it in the maplet or the mapping.


Mapplet designer:

In Informatica PowerCenter Training, There are some rules or conditions for the mapplet designer on what transformations to use. For example, we cannot use XML transformation when some other transformation is present. The overall purpose of the mapplet designer is to create a group of transformations which you can make them as reasonable and use them in any number of mappings that are required. In other words, it is used to create a group of transformations which you think are required and make them reusable.  For example, if we consider the employee table, from that table, let’s assume that you want to remove the white noise before and after the attributes like removing the space before and after. You know the attributes which are present in the employee table. So all you need to do is to create a reusable object which will always check if there is any space and trim them if required. Thus you can use that trimming methodology in any mapping wherever that employee table is used as the source.  In Informatica PowerCenter training it will be explained clearly about the maplet design and you will understand why we are doing it. 


Mapping designer:

It is the final one where we consolidate all the other four based on the requirement. By default, for a mapping to be valid you need to have a source and a target in at least one transformation. So for the mapping to be valid, you should have a source transformation and a target. There is no limitation on how many transformations you are using within the mapping in PowerCenter 10.X Online course. It’s all the logic in the business requirement. Based on the requirement, you can set as many numbers of transformations, maplets whichever are required within your mapping.


Workflow manager:

Within the workflow manager, you will have three different sub tools. They are task developer, work let designer and workflow designer. Under the task developer, we create tasks which are reusable. That means we create it once or define or configure it once to use it as many numbers of times as possible wherever it is required. If you have to use a task or any of the components in session command, then in the email you would create them at a task developer. If you do not want them to use then you can create them separately as a standalone option under the workflow designer.  Under the work let designer, you create the work let which is again a set of tasks. Just like the maplet you can create four different tasks and can combine all of them together in the workflow designer. It can be explained in detail during the training. 


Repository manager:

This is the area where the majority of the administrative tasks were done earlier. Now, most of these are moved to administrative console and is specifically used only for deployments, for changing your passwords, creating the folders, etc., there are users for it. But we don’t log in to this tool on a daily basis and in some of the projects, there will be access restrictions to this tool.


Why to learn Informatica PowerCenter Training?

  • Unlike other courses, Informatica is very easy to learn.
  • Anyone can easily get the knowledge and can be proficient with Informatica with less span of time
  • Job vacancies for Informatica Developers are very high. Informatica skills added your resume is to get a better chance as an Informatica Developers.
  • As an Informatica is a market leader in the IT industry you can get bigger Payments.
  • Without use, coding is a great advantage to learn Informatica


Conclusion of Informatica PowerCenter Training:

For any company or organization, data plays a major role. The main intention of storing data is for data analysis or business analysis. The Informatica Power Center is a basic ETL tool to capture the data from any source system makes changes to the data and loads the data into the Informatica set target tables. As it is a very robust and powerful tool, the need for Informatica PowerCenter tools across the world-wide is increasing rapidly. It has opened up newer career opportunities and has given birth to more job roles around ETL, data processing and warehousing with Informatica. An Informatica PowerCenter Developer earns an average salary of Rs 499,624 per year. 

Global Online Trainings provide Job Oriented Hand-on Informatica PowerCenter Training across the globe by 15+ yrs of experienced Informatica Professionals. We offer Informatica Training, Data Warehouse Training and Testing Training based on current industry standards. Our online trainings for PowerCenter 10.X Online course are completely practical and interactive.


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