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Introduction to InstallShield Training:

InstallShield training at Global online trainings – InstallShield is the fastest easiest way to build reliable windows installers. Build an optimal installer in minutes based on the latest and greatest Microsoft technology standards in InstallShield training . There are three steps to building and installer, create the project, add files, then build a project. It is simple progress bar and the option to launch the app directly from here or the application will be available on the Windows 10 start menu or immediately opens so very quick and simple. Global online trainings is best in providing Flexera InstallShield Training by real time experts at flexible timings.

Prerequisites of InstallShield Training:

  • Good knowledge on Java.
  • Knowledge on SQL.

Flexera InstallShield Training Course Content

Installshield training course content

Overview of InstallShield Training:

  • Here is how you build an installer using install Co. Let’s get started by creating a project click the new icon in the top ribbon, a dialog box shows the variety of installers you can build, choose basic MSI project and type in your project name, next add a few files to your project, click on the files and folders option in the left panel then drag and drop your files.
  • Now create a shortcut on the desktop, to do this click on shortcuts in the Left panel then right click on desktop and select new shortcut. Select the files you are creating the shortcut for and give the shortcut a name.
  • The final step is to build the project, start by clicking build in the top ribbon view, once the build is complete, click run in the top ribbon view, follow the prompts to complete the short cut installation. Finally open the shortcut on your desktop to make sure the installation was successful.
  • With Install shield building and installer is that easy, choose the gold standard for windows installations used by more than 50,000 software companies around the world. Get started with a free trial today.
  • The first time Installshield is started the welcome assistant is displayed. I have not found much use for this so if you are starting InstallShield for the first time and you are seeing the welcome assistant just exit out of the program and then start it up again in InstallShield online training.
  • After the initial start, the start page will display and the InstallShield start page is a similar to the visual studio 2005 start page, you can do various things like create a new project, open an existing project or browse through sample projects. Let’s create the first project, Go to the file menu, select new and you see that InstallShield offers many types of projects including install script and windows installer projects in Flexera InstallShield Training.
  • They also have all of these separated by tabs according to type, generally if I am not doing something very specific you just use a  common tab. For this course we are going to only be working with the MSI project and more specifically the basic MSI project.

Features of Flexera InstallShield Training:                                                                        Features of InstallShield Training

  • There are two types of MSI project, there is basic MSI and MSI Install Script. The first thing we are going to do is select basic MSI project and we will create our first installation. We are going to call it hello world and we are going to change this folder. We are going to call this hello world installation. Now we want to select this and put it under the installation subfolder and click ok.
  • Notice that after the project has been created that there are three tabs open in the UI. There is the start page, the project assistant and the installation designer.
  • InstallShield 2016 includes new support for Microsoft’s desktop bridge, to start building universal Windows App packages from your InstallShield MSI projects. So let’s take a look on how to do that and get started with your First Universal Windows App package. I have opened here an installation project for FileZilla, something I have used for many years and update with all the current releases similar to how you might build and maintain your own Windows Installer projects with InstallShield.
  • To add support for the universal windows app platform I am going to come down to the releases view. The first thing I wanted to do is make sure my application is compatible and ready for this technology. To do that, Go to the build menu, validate you can test your application using the new install shield UWP app suitability suite runs in just a few seconds with details below. But this is also available  here under releases, validations and you will get a more detailed report.
  • This gives us some insights about whether this application is ready or not for the desktop bridge, the Windows store, Windows server apps and nano server. Once you have identified and perhaps resolved any issues related to this technology you are then ready to start building your first application. From here we can go back to highlight releases in InstallShield online training.
  • There is a new tab called windows app, all you need to do is simply change this from No to Yes. To start building a UWP app package. The next build of this project will create both an MSI Windows installer package and a dot appX, a UWP app package. Now this has been currently my default setup for the desktop environment but if you wanted to change this to support Windows Server 2016 or nano server. Similar change to include server extensions from No to Yes.
  • There is something to keep in mind is that Universal Windows app packages must be digitally signed, they trusted certificate. So if you are not already signing your installer you will need to add your certificate here. If that is already in place then no extra change is needed. With our digital signature in place and our build UWP app package enabled. We are now ready to begin the build when it completes InstallShield will provide a link to the new created package and here we will see dot appx file.
  • As a developer we want to test this to make sure everything installs as expected before we do that. We need to make sure that side loading has been enabled. This is not available under the windows10 settings under update and security for developers and here we can enable side load apps. Global online trainings is best in providing InstallShield Training with live projects by experts.
  • One side loading is enabled we can  now double-click an appx package to install software, the same as we might click .exe or MSI installer you will see the user experience is very straight forward. There is no option to customize this other than specifying the graphics and our product names in  Oracle SQL training. There is no idea concept of custom dialogues or custom actions with Universal Windows app packages. 
  • So we have two outputs the reason this is important is the new universal windows app packages or the appx files exclusively supported on Windows10 anniversary update and newer, when 7 and 8 older versions of windows 10 will not support this technology your software will still need to be installed through traditional windows installer or setup.exe

InstallShield Application Deployment:

  • Let’s see how to deploy your application within Visual Studio using InstallShield limited edition. But before then I am going to open up my project , and the datasource and column names, the data source is from the database SQL database and then there are project files like my project folder. Let me run this, before we deploy our application we will need to install the limited version of InstallShield. So we get it from the solution bar not your project folder. So right click on the solution and then add new project, then takes you to this icon. So you give it your setup name like accounting application 1. It is going to store the setup executable file in my project folder. It takes to your website and click on the download link, it takes you to this page then you need to register.
  • Before you click on the download just read the instructions, it tells you to save the file, when you don’t save the file you are going to see the dialog box. Do you want to run this so you click on save and then after downloading, saving it is going to show wrong, you click on run afterwards. So now click on download and yes the screen was talking about the dialog box and then it says you want to run, save.
  • So you go ahead and save as instructed. It starts downloading it. So when it’s done saving you can click on run and then it starts to install. You wait for it to finish installing and then follow the wizard, click on next accept and next install and then it produces a dialog box.
  • If you want to really install this program say yes and then it continues to install, and then when it is done it is going to show another box that says finish you can go ahead and close the window because you already copied your serial number. Next edit, you can go to file, so you can activate your file new projects and you can activate your Installshield training limited version but I already installed so it wouldn’t prompt me. So rather right click on solution not your project folder solution and then add new project and then setup deployments.

Conclusion of InstallShield training:

What’s the bottom line? To support your project on all important all platforms that your customers support you will need to have both installers, software installers this way just as simple as it was to install can be installed, uninstalled just as simply. The end user just simply right clicks uninstall to remove the application.We saw in just a few steps we were able to take our existing project that we have been using to build and maintain as a Windows Installer package and now build a separate Universal Windows app package as well. Global online trainings is best in providing Flexera InstallShield online Training by industry experts at flexible timings.

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