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Introduction of IOT Training:

IOT Training stands for Internet Of Things and it is a network of all the physical devices, the physical devices are nothing but they are freeze, T.V, A.C etc. It is the network of the physical device and they can communicate with each device or share the data through the network. Many of the companies uses IOT for better productivity, it will change the normal device into smart device. The Best Internet of Things Online Training is the system of physical objects or things embedded with hardware, software, sensors and system availability. IOT empowers these objects for collecting and transferring the information. IOT enables objects to be detect and control remotely crosswise over existing network foundation, making open doors for more straightforward coordination between the physical world and PC based frameworks, and bringing about enhanced productivity, precision and economic advantage. 

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Prerequisites for IOT Training:

In order to learn about IOT Training,  the person should have minimum knowledge about the following.

  • Basic programming
  • Computer fundamentals
  • Linux fundamentals
  • Basic Python programming

IOT Training Details:

Name of the Course: IOT Training (Internet Of Things Training)    

Training Mode: We provide Online training and also provide corporate, virtual web training.

Program  Duration: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized as Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for IOT Certification Online Training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 11+ years.


IOT Training Course Content

IOT Training Course Content

In this page, you can get an idea what is IOT, what are the uses of IOT course?


IOT Training Overview:

IOT stands for Internet Of Things. It is the study of communication of the physical devices, in what way the physical devices communicate with each other. This is a growing technology and this is a correct platform to grow in career. Our Global Online trainings provides IOT Training with experienced trainers at your flexible timings. Our Global online team is available around the clock to answer your queries. Create your future today by joining in IOT Training at Global Online Training. We have the best and qualified trainers for IOT Intelligence Training.


Who can learn IOT course?

Anyone who are interested to make a career in the field of Internet of Things can take this course  and can become an IOT developer. He/She should have a minimum education qualification of Bachelor degree from a recognized university. And who are willing to learn new things along with the changes in the outside market is best suitable.


What is IOT Online Training?

  • IOT Online Training teaches you how the physical devices communicate with each other and it is a network of all the physical devices like freeze, T.V, A.C etc.
  • In IOT platform, by embedded the actuators, sensors, micro controller or any programming devices, they are embedded with each other for changing the normal device into IOT smart device.
  • The hardware platforms are the integral part of IOT device applications. With the help of these devices you can quickly build your project or prototype.
  • There are number of hardware platforms available in the market, the one of the most important platform is Raspberry-Pi, the Raspberry-pi it look like a credit card size of computer, in the present market we are using this Raspberry-pi hardware platform to develop the IOT training projects by using the programming language that is python training.
  • The Raspberry-Pi is a single board computer developed by Raspberry Pi foundation. It is widely popular as a small, inexpensive computing board among experiments, hobbyist’s educators and technology enthusiasts.

Features of the IOT Training:

The most important features of IoT on which it works are connectivity, analyzing, integrating, active engagement, and many more. Some of them are listed below:

Connectivity: Connectivity refers to establish a proper connection between all the things of IoT to IoT platform it may be server or cloud. After connecting the IoT devices, it needs a high speed messaging between the devices and cloud to enable reliable, secure and bi-directional communication.

Analyzing: After connecting all the relevant things, it comes to real-time analyzing the data collected and use them to build effective business intelligence. If we have a good insight into data gathered from all these things, then we call our system has a smart system.

Integrating:  IoT integrating the various models to improve the user experience as well.

Artificial Intelligence: IoT makes things smart and enhances life through the use of data. For example, if we have a coffee machine whose beans have going to end, then the coffee machine itself order the coffee beans of your choice from the retailer.

Sensing: The sensor devices used in IoT technologies detect and measure any change in the environment and report on their status. IoT technology brings passive networks to active networks. Without sensors, there could not hold an effective or true IoT environment.

Active Engagement: IoT makes the connected technology, product, or services to active engagement between each other.

Endpoint Management: It is important to have an endpoint management of all the IoT system, which makes the system a complete failure. For example, what happens when a coffee machine orders the coffee beans to end but the beans from the retailer and we are out of the house for a few days, leading to the failure of the IoT system. Therefore, endpoint management must be required.

Advantages of IOT Security Course:

  • Efficient resource utilization: If we know the functionality and the way that how each device work we definitely increase the efficient resource utilization as well as monitor natural resources.
  • Minimize human effort: As the devices of IoT interact and communicate with each other and do lot of task for us, then they minimize the human effort.
  • Save time: As it reduces the human effort then it definitely saves out time. Time is the primary factor which can save through IoT platform.
  • Enhance Data Collection:
  • Improve security: Now, if we have a system that all these things are interconnected then we can make the system more secure and efficient.
History of IOT:

The concept of Internet of things first became popular in 1999, through the Auto-ID center at MIT and related marker-analysis publications. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) was seen as a prerequisite for the IOT training at that point.

On the off chance that all objects and individuals in day by day life were outfitted with identifiers, PCs could oversee and stock them. Other than utilizing RFID, the labeling of things might be accomplished through such advances as close documented correspondence, scanner tags, QR codes, Bluetooth and Digital Marketing. We provide the best Internet of Things Online Training, and also giving live projects related to IOT training technology in online mode.


Architecture of IOT Training:

IOT Training Architecture

  • The IOT terminologies are nothing but sensors, actuators, Micro controllers, Gateways or networking platforms, protocols, APIs database frameworks, all these terminologies are useful for creating any IOT platform application.
  • The sensor is the one of the inputs for IOT technology, and RFID is the second input. We are using different sensor depends on the multiple applications
  • Whenever sensing the data, the data will be going towards the Gateway. The gateway are ARDUINO, INTEL, Raspberry PI, Libelium and IBM.
  • And the data from gateway, then it can forward to cloud through the network. The network is the main role in IOT training technology, it will be the integration between the hardware gateway and IOT cloud platform.
  • The network is helpful for IOT technology, for implementing IOT applications. In the network you have to understand complete OSI model with reference to the TCP/IP model and messaging protocol on each and every layer.
  • In the same way in the cloud, the data can be forwarded to the front end, the front end may be mobile app or web page where one can monitor this data and then again in the same reverse way the user can give command to the devices or actuators.

What is the importance of Arduino UNO?

Arduino UNO manufacture is developed by the Italy and it is also one of the famous boards which is used in the current market and one of the best features of this is the open source platform. So, the it can easily interface with the different hardware’s and program with different software.

 Arduino is an open source prototyping stage in view of simple to utilize equipment and programming. Arduino boards can read inputs-light on a sensor, a finger on a catch, or a twitter message and hand it over to a yield initiating an engine, turning on a LED, distributing something on the web. Global online trainings provides IOT corporate and IOT online training by professionals at low cost.


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How to use WIFI (ESP8266) Module?

The ESP8266 is also known as WI-FI model, it is the one of the IOT hardware platform. The ESP8266 integrates a 260 MHZ microcontroller with a full WI-FI front end (both as client and access point) and TCP/IP stack with DNS. ESP8266 adaptability and value point have driven it is created by shanghai based Chinese producer, Espressif. The chip became popular for IOT with the ESP-01 module, made by an outsider producer, AI mastermind.


What is IOT Ecosystem?

The ecosystem of the Internet of Things consists of various kinds of devices, it can be smart cars with Artificial Intelligence or smart industry or smart city. The IOT ecosystem to be integrated into communication network. It prefers wireless network such as WI-FI, Bluetooth and ZIGBEE and this network with base station, hubs controllers and other infrastructure to collect million numbers of devices to the Big Data platform. It can store information and analyze the information.

Along with IOT Training learn about IOT Gate way:
  • IOT training is nothing but next generation devices that can sense respect of the real world. The IOT gateway, which is actual hardware device as a central point.
  • The gateway gets input data or information from sensors. The gateway will store the information or else it can process this information to another device.
  • It can forward the information to IOT cloud platform, and then it can send that information to any front-end client that can be a mobile or any dynamic web page.
  • So, the front-end user want to give command based on this information which you got from the sensor then he will be able to give the specific command to the actuators.
  • For understanding IOT training, we explains with simple example. The Home automation is the one of the important projects in IOT training, in that project we have using IOT technology to control many in things in Home.
  • The one of the things is temperature controller at home, the temperature sensor which sending data continuously to the cloud or may be whether within an interval of some threshold if the temperature goes beyond 35 or 40-degree centigrade.
  • Then it should send its information to the cloud and then fronting user will get some information from the cloud as a receiver in mobile app.
  • In IOT the user will not only be monitoring the temperature, we can also give command back to the actuators. For example, we can on /off AC at home from the mobile app from anywhere.

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What is the role of IOT Communication levels?

IOT Training Communication Levels

In this, IOT thing speak technology, the communication levels are divided into three types. They are Device to device communication, Device to server communication and Server to server communication.

Device to device communication: In this level, it will integrate or communicate any sensor data with the gateway. Make it wireless, need to use different connectivity protocols, such as Zigbee, IPV6, WI-FI, Bluetooth and RF.


Device to server communication: It is the second level in communication, in this level we have to integrate any gateway with the cloud or IOT cloud platform. The network plays a very important role to integrate gateway with the IOT cloud platform.

So, in the network, there are messaging protocols through which data can be sent to the cloud but while sending the data to hardware to the cloud there may be a lot of issue or major IOT concerns. The issues are such as power consumption, interoperability and security all these issues are reduced by using the correct message protocol.  The different IOT messaging protocols are MQTT, COAP, HTTP and CO-RA, mostly we are using MQTT protocol for different IOT applications.


Server to server communication: It is the third level in communication, in this we have to host the device data on any IOT specific server. The gateway data will be coming on to the server, so we have to host it on to the server. For hosting this data on to the server we need to use any server-side scripting language or framework. And this device can store the any No SQL database like MongoDB


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Learn about Device management platform in IOT Training:

In the DM platform, DM stands for Device Management and in the middle there is a gateway device management and these are quite complex. These collects data from thousands of devices and data model that they are holding complex and dynamic because there always add and remove components. 

We use mainly four protocols. They are MQTT, LWM2M, OMA-DM and TR-069,MQTT and these are used in both IOT Training and Device management

MQTT is the most prominent IOT protocol.This is very fast,  very light, it’s messaging protocol and it is also a IOT data protocol.

LWM2M is fast, lightweight protocol and structured protocol. It is allowed to do IOT functionality and also device management functionality. OMA-DM is the open mobile alliance and this is a device management protocol.It is devised for the mobile applications. TR-069 is the most complex device management protocol, it is devised by the broadband forum and it is being accepted worldwide.

Device Management platform training is also provided by our Global Online trainings. Where you can get the detailed knowledge about the course.


Difference between Embedded devices and IOT devices:
  • Embedded devices are based on micro controllers and run software on devices with constrained resources.
  • Some Linux and Android based systems can also be described as embedded systems. But this operating system usually require an application processor and have additional capabilities such as dynamic application loading.
  • Micro controller based embedded systems are often described as deeply embedded systems. These embedded systems make up the bulk of the things in the Internet of Things.
  • Embedded devices often use 16-bit or even 8-bit microcontroller. The chips that feature 32-bit architecture have dropped in price over the last several years and are becoming more common in embedded systems.
  • The greater capabilities of 32-bit chips are presenting new choices for embedded developers and because it allows for more flexible and extensible software to run on these systems a real-time operating system.


Along with IOT Training learn Python:

Python is a programming language and it is a high level programming language and it is also general purpose programming language and it is suitable for developing applications and it is also multi-paradigs programming language. Python is one of the fastest growing language and it is used in Artificial Intelligence, Neural networks etc.

Features of Python:
Some of the important features of Python are:
  • Simple language: Python is a simple language because it is very easy to learn and it can be easily understandable and hence it is a programming friendly language.
  • Interpreted language: Python is known as a interpreted language because it executes the code line by line at a time and this makes debugging the application easier.
  • Cross-platform language: Python can effectively work on all different platforms such as Windows, Unix etc. Python is a high level language means it is a portable language.
  • Open source: Python is a open source because it is freely available and its source code is also available for free.
  • Object-Oriented language: When a problem is complex than we can make it simple by writing the code in Object Oriented. So Python is a Object-Oriented language.
  • Large standard library: Python is having huge library in that we can develop any type of applications.
  • Extensible: We can insert c/c++ programs directly into python.
  • Applications of Python are Console based applications, Audio or video based applications, 3D CAD applications, Web applications, Enterprise applications, applications for images.

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Conclusion of IOT Training:

The Best Internet of Things Online Training is getting new occasions of development in science and innovation which will change our lives. The world is changing so rapidly that by 2020 such developments are relied upon to end up a standard. At that point, it is likewise assessed that in excess of 50 billion gadgets would be associated by means of the web. IoT training is without a doubt the best approach and will assume a characterizing part later on of the world. In this specific situation, it turns out to be imperative to help the same number of early adopters of this innovation, as could reasonably be expected. Global Online Trainings provides best IOT training, IOT solutions training by highly skilled professionals, if you want to learn IOT training just register with our Global Online Trainings.


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