ISCW Training Course Introduction:

ISCW Training course provides instruction for identifying router services and interfaces that are vulnerable to network attack, such as desktop PCs, network servers, routers, and switches. The course also examines ways to protect Cisco devices from these and other. ISCW Training   course introduces techniques and features for enabling and enhancing WAN and remote access solutions.

ISCW Training course also focuses on using one or more available WAN connection technologies for remote access between enterprise sites. This course presents questions that will help you prepare for the Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks ISCW 642-825 exam. ISCW Training at Global Online Trainings by the expert trainers in more flexible hours. Register today at the website to learn more and call us directly at the help desk.

Iscw Online Training course content

Requirements to Network Connectivity
  • Describing Network Requirements
  • Connectivity of Teleworker
  • Explanation of Topologies for Facilitating Remote Connections
  • Explanation of  Cable and DSL Technologies
  • Configuring the CPE as the PPPoE or PPPoA Client
  • Verifying Broadband ADSL Configurations
  • Implementation of Frame Mode MPLS
  • Introduction of MPLS Networks
  • MPLS Labels to Packets assignment
  • Explaining and Implementing of  Frame Mode MPLS VPN Technologies
  • IPsec VPNs Introductions
  • Features of IPsec Components and IPsec VPN
Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Operations and its implementation
  • Configuring IPsec Site-to-Site VPN Using SDM
  • Configuring GRE Tunnels over IPsec,High-Availability Options
  • Configuring Cisco Easy VPN and Easy VPN Server Using SDM
  • Cisco VPN Client Implementation
  • Hardening of Cisco Device
  • Mitigating the Network Attacks
  • Unused Cisco Router Network Services and Interfaces eradication
  • Cisco Router Installations and Administrative Access securation
  • Mitigation  Threats and Attacks with Access Lists
  • AAA on Cisco Routers configuration
  • Features of Cisco IOS Threat Defense
  • Introducing the Cisco IOS Firewall and its implementation
  • Configuring Cisco IOS IPS