ITIL intermediate ppo training

Introduction To Itil Intermediate PPO Training Course:

 The ITIL Intermediate  Planning, Protection and Optimization  in short called as  Itil Intermediate PPO . This course will help you to gain the technical level of knowledge & skills that are required for the detailed execution & implementation of specific ITIL processes. After completion of  Itil Intermediate PPO Training the participants will be in an position to crack associated exam, respectively, to impart, test, and validate the knowledge on industry practices in service management as documented in the ITIL Service Lifecycle core publications.  Enroll with Global Online Trainings & learn from Subject Matter Experts, Our expert consultant will ensure that your learning goals are achieved by attending our live sessions, intensive training session. For more information about the course contact our help desk.


Itil Intermediate Ppo online training course content

Introduction and Overview
  • PPO in the context of the service lifecycle
  • Service optimization
  • Service design basics
  • The role of design coordination within PPO
Capacity Management
  • Purpose, goals  & objectives of capacity management
  • Methods &  techniques
  • Capacity management, principles & activities
Availability Management
  • Scope of availability management
  • Purpose & objectives
  • Availability management in relation to PPO
  • Enabling the  availability management
  • Concepts & activities
  • Triggers, input & output to other processes
IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM)
  • ITSCM to generate business value
  • Illustrating the main activities
  • Requirements & strategy
  • Implementation
  • Primary activities
Information Security Management (ISM)
  • Overview of ISM
  • Key activities for ISM implementation
  • Methods & techniques
  • Ensuring confidentiality, integrity &  availability
  • Key metrics to measure success
  • Challenges & risks of ISM
Demand Management
  • Purpose of demand management
  • Scope & objectives
  • Service strategy & demand management
  • Coupling capacity
  • Identifying the demand management patterns
  • Activities, methods & techniques
  • Influencing the customer demand
  • Managing the demand for service
  • Demand the management techniques
  • Roles &  Responsibilities
  • Process manager & process practitioner
  • Capacity & Availability  management
  • IT service continuity  & Information security management
  • Technology & Implementation Considerations