ITIL intermediate sd training

Introduction To  Itil Intermediate Sd Training Course :

ITIL Intermediate Service Design in short called as  ITIL Intermediate SD. The  purpose, principles &  processes of service design is to  teach how to organize & implement this as a part of overall service management as well as providing guidance on the technology related activities & considerations. The service design also demonstrates how service design relates to the other stages of ITIL Service Lifecycle. Register for ITIL Intermediate SD Training & learn how this course covers management & control of activities & techniques that are documented in the ITIL Service Design publication. Each and every concepts will be covered by our expert consultants, For more details about the course please enroll for the course by contacting our help desk now

Itil Intermediate Sd online training course content

Introduction & Overview
  • Purpose & goals
  • Scope of the  service design
  • Designing new & changed service
Key Service Design Principles
  • Designing service solutions
  • Designing supporting systems &  the service portfolio
  • Technology architectures, processes & design aspects
  • Measurement, methods & metrics
  • Service-oriented architecture principles
  • Holistic service design
  • Four Ps of Design
  • People, Products , Processes & Partners
Service Design Processes
  • Service catalog management
  • Service level management
  • Capacity & Availability management
  • IT service continuity management
Primary Activities of Service Design
  • Technology-related activities
  • Achieving balance between design & existing strategies
  • Ensuring inclusion of governance & security controls
  • Assembling the service design package
  • Producing, maintaining & revising all services, design processes & documents
  • Liaising with other design & planning activities
  • Aligning with corporate & IT strategies
Organizing Service Design
  • Roles
  • Functional role analysis
  • service design responsibilities
  • Aligning information security
  • Managing suppliers to ensure quality & value
Service Design & Technology
  • Technology for service design
  • tools that benefit the service design
  • Requirements for the service design
Implementation Challenges and Risks
  • six-stage implementation approach
  • Measurements
  • Outlining the challenges & risks facing service design
  • Establishing critical success factors & key performance indicators (KPIs)