ITIL intermediate SOA training

Introduction To  Itil Intermediate So Training:

The ITIL Intermediate Service Operation in short called as ITIL Intermediate SO. The SO module mainly focus on coordination of the activities involved during the service strategy design & transition phase. Increased competitiveness, complex business processes & technology explosion has lead to an compulsion of  the specialized skills marked as an mandatory for individuals involved in delivering these business services. Foundation level knowledge is nowadays is just an prerequisite for performing the service management activities, at the same- time, it is also important to have  the specialized knowledge & expertise in handling practical real-life situations. This course is aimed to the professionals who are  involved in management of Service Operations. The ITIL Intermediate SO Training is rendered by experts. The sessions conducted by Global Online Trainings are informative. Contact for more details.

Itil Intermediate Soa online training course content

Introduction & Overview
  • Service management
  • Service value proposition
  • Optimizing operational service
  • OSA processes in the lifecycle
Core Service Operation Processes
  • Event  & Incident management
  • The Request fulfillment
  • Problem & Access management
Service Desk
  • Establishing service desk objectives
  • Organizational structures & staffing options
  • Providing a single point
  • Measuring effectiveness & efficiency
  • Impact of service desk on the customer perception
  • Reasons & options for outsourcing the service desk
Service Operation Functions
  • Functions of technical management, IT operations management &  application management
  • Identifying roles of each function
  • objectives of each function
  • Analyzing the function’s activities
Technology Considerations
  • The Generic technology  
  • Evaluation criteria for technology & tooling for process implementation
  • Planning & implementing service management technologies
  • Assessing & managing the project, risk & staffing for process implementation
  • Identifying the critical success factors & risks related to implementing practices & processes
Implementation Considerations
  • Managing change in the service operation
  • Examining implementation aspects of service operation & project management
  • Assessing & managing risk in service operation
  • Operational staff considerations in service design and transition