ITIL intermediate ss training

Introduction To ITIL Intermediate SS Training Course:

ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy  in short called as  ITIL Intermediate SS. The ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy qualification provides guidance & knowledge to design & develop an service provider strategy which aligns with the organizational strategy. This module deals with the importance of the strategic aspect of services in the IT Service Lifecycle. Register for  ITIL Intermediate ss training  and gain the knowledge of the SS framework which helps you to understand how to develop an service strategy within the organization  and which helps IT teams to be aligned with the business as an whole. While you registered you will get an introduction to the key principles of service strategy,& you will  also learn about the service strategy processes. You will discover the importance of the governance & related frameworks.

Itil Intermediate Ss online training course content

Introduction to Service Strategy
  • Core concepts
  • Purpose & objectives of service strategy
  • Scope of service strategy & value to business
  • Service strategy & the overall ITIL lifecycle
  • Strategy concepts &  practices
  • Exploring strategic perspectives, plans & positions
Service Strategy Principles
  • Deciding on service strategy
  • Basic approach for deciding a strategy
  • Utilizing the four Ps of service strategy
  • Strategy & opposing dynamics
  • Leveraging the combined use of utility & warranty
  • Defining & creating value
  • Assets: customer, service & strategic
  • Meeting business outcomes
Service Strategy Processes
  • Creating effective service strategies
  • Strategy & financial management for IT services
  • Purpose & objectives
  • Service portfolio management
  • Identifying process activities, methods & techniques
  • Applying value to the business
  • Demand management
  • Business relationship management
Analyzing IT Governance
  • Setting up strategy
  • Leveraging governance frameworks & bodies to set strategy
  • Implementing the governance
Technology based Considerations
  • Organizing for the service strategy
  • Technology & service strategy
  • Implementing Service Strategy
  • Critical Success Factors & Risks