J2ee Arch

J2ee Arch Course Content

Introducing Enterprise Architecture
  • What is Enterprise Architecture?
  • An Architect’s Roles & Responsibilities
Introducing Fundamental Architectural Concepts
  • Distinguish between architecture & design
  • Architectural Patterns
  • Architectural Deliverable Artefacts
  • What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • 4 + 1 View Model
  • Architectural Modelling Using UML
  • Architecture Workflow
  • What is an Enterprise Architecture Framework
Security Architecture Developing
  • Analyzing the Impact of Security in Distributed Computing
  • Examining Security in the Java EE Technology
  • Understanding Web Services Security
Understanding Non-Functional Requirements
  • Examining Non-Functional Requirements
  • Common Practices for Improving Qualities
  • Prioritizing Quality-of-Service (QoS) Requirements
  • Inspecting QoS Requirements for Trade-offs
Defining Common Problems & Solutions: Risk Factors & System Flexibility
  • Identifying Risk Factors
  • Designing a Flexible Object Model
Defining Common Problems & Solutions: Network, Transaction & Capacity Planning
  • Describing the Network Communication Guidelines
  • Justifying the Use of Transactions
  • Planning System Capacity
Java EE 6 Overview
  • Java EE 6 Goals
  • Java EE Containers
  • Classic Java EE 5 Architecture
  • Impact of Java EE 6 on Architecture
Developing an Architecture for the Client Tier
  • Client Tier Development Roles
  • Information Architecture Client Concerns
  • Selecting User Interface Devices & Technologies
  • Discovering Reusability in the Client Tier
  • Deployment Strategies for the User Interface
  • Security Concerns in the Client Tier
  • Testing
Developing an Architecture for the Web Tier
  • Responsibilities of the Web Tier
  • Seperation of Concerns
  • Comparing Web Tier Frameworks
  • Providing Security in the Web Tier
  • Scaling the Web Tier
Developing an Architecture for the Business Tier
  • Business Tier Technologies
  • Architecting the Domain Model
  • Development Best Practices
Developing an Architecture for the Integration and Resource Tiers
  • Examining Enterprise Information System Integration
  • Reviewing Java Integration Technologies
  • Applying the Integration Patterns
  • Examining the Service-Oriented Architecture
Evaluating the Software Architecture
  • Evaluating Software Architectures
  • Evaluating Java EE Technologies
  • Creating System Prototypes
  • Selecting Servers & Frameworks