Java Data Objects

Java data Objects Course Content

Overview of JDO
  • The need for JDO
  • JDO architecture
  • Overview of JDO development process
  • Writing your first JDO application
Defining Persistent Classes
  • Building your data model
  • Defining persistent Java classes
  • Supported data types
  • Collection field type
  • Java classes and JDO metadata
  • Class enhancement
Datastore Mappings
  • Overview of the mapping approaches
  • O/R mapping
  • Identity and primary key column
  • Mapping for inheritance
  • Mappings for references
  • Collections and relationships
JDO Query Language
  • JDO query components
  • Creating and initializing a query
  • Executing a query
  • Filtering and ordering query results
Developing JDO Applications
  • Configuring PersistenceManagerFactory
  • Acquiring a PersistenceManager
  • Multithreading
  • Instance management
  • Field management
  • Cache management
  • Lifecycle states and transitions
  • Handling identity
JDO Transaction Support
  • Nontransactional access
  • Optimistic transactions
  • Modifying and deleting instances
  • Commit and rollback
JDO and J2EE
  • J2EE persistence options
  • CMP or JDO
  • JDO transaction handling in J2EE containers
  • Best practice in using JDO with J2EE