Java Me Course Content

  • Introduction to J2ME
  • Wireless, Mobile, and Embedded Domains
  • J2ME Architecture
  • J2ME Coding vs J2SE Coding
Building Java ME GUIs
  • MIDP and MIDlets
  • GUI Architecture
  • Core UI Components
  • Event Handling
  • Drawing and Animation
Packaging and Deploying with Java ME
  • Midlet Suites
  • Over-The-Air MIDlet Deployment
Storing Data on Java ME Devices
  • J2ME Record Stores
  • Working with J2ME Records
  • Advanced Record Features
Java ME Networking
  • The Generic Connection Framework
  • Networking with Sockets and Datagrams
  • HTTP Networking and J2ME
Advanced Java ME Topics
  • XML
  • Data Synchronization
  • J2ME and the Real-Time Specification for Java
  • An introduction to programming vertex and pixel shaders
Interaction and Animation
  • How to select and make objects move